Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Friends, I am asking for prayers for family and friends tonight. So much loss and sadness, worry and anxiety. I don't know what non-Christians do in times like these.

If you have followed my blog, then I'm sure you've heard me speak of my Aunt Theresa. You may even read her blog, They Call Me Ganky. She was happily expecting her seventh grandchild today and was hoping for a boy to keep his two sisters busy. Indeed a precious baby boy was born. He was born with collapsed lungs and a hole in one of his lungs. He has improved somewhat this evening, although he is not out of the woods quite yet. PLEASE be in prayer for this sweet baby, his mommy, daddy, sisters and all the rest of their family. Pray for God to guide the hands and minds of everyone taking care of their baby.

I also ask you to pray for a sweet little five-year-old girl that I've never met. My town used to be much smaller than it is today. Suz went to high school with a boy who married the daughter of some friends that we met through some other friends. Sounds complicated, I know. The boy and the daughter had a little five-year-old who fell down and broke her arm. In the process of getting the bone set, the little girl began having a seizure, then went into cardiac arrest. She died on the way to the hospital. The shock and anguish this family is suffering is unfathomable. Please pray for God's comfort on them and that they will feel His presence like never before. Her memorial service is tomorrow.

For, as the children's hymn says, Jesus Loves the Little Children. They are precious in His sight.