Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Busy Day

Today was house cleaning day. Jeff and I clean the house together every other week. You know, the good, deep-down cleaning that lets you sleep extra good after you do it. I wasn't able to do as much as I would normally do, but my sweet Jeffery took up my slack, just like he always does.

I had to finally toss my pretty flowers that Suz, Crystal, Cam and Alicia brought me after my surgery last week. I was sad at first, but then I thought about how much I have enjoyed them over the past week. I felt better about it after that. I was able to save six Gerbera daisies that Crystal gave me. I put them in this Mason-type jar. I'll get to enjoy them a few days more.

So if you need a good reason to take the best care of your body that you're able to, then read this sign that was at the diabetes doctor I took daddy to today. Ain't nobody wanting to stick their fingers SIX times a day! I learned a lot about diabetes today, but the most important thing I learned is I HOPE I NEVER HAVE IT. I know it runs in my family, but I pray that it runs the other way. In addition to that, I learned that my daddy is lucky to be alive. His diabetes has been completely out of control. 90 percent of the things that my daddy has been doing, some thinking it was the right thing to do, have been WRONG. Some of it was just him, as he put it to me, not "liking that word moderation." We have a lot of work to do. Diet, finger sticks, more lab work, lots of moderation. I'm praying that this doctor will help put us on the right track. It's a slow process. But we've got time and really, nothing else better to do. His and my mom's health are the most important thing right now. Gotta get them feeling their oats again.
I sat in my daddy's truck and just chatted for at least two hours. Really, it was longer than that. We talked about so many different things. The weather was lovely and there was a perfect little breeze blowing through the truck windows. He wasn't in a hurry, and neither was I. So we chatted.
When he left, I knew I still had the daunting task of shopping for an Easter dress. Where I come from, your Easter frockery is of the utmost imoprtance. My momma and daddy ALWAYS made sure that Crystal, Suz and I had new dresses, shoes, gloves, hats, socks and purses. Many years momma made our dresses. Lucky little girls we were.
I have shopped for weeks and weeks for my dress. I had even ordered two off the Internet, which I sent back to them barely taking them out of the packaging. I could tell by first glimpse that neither was what I was looking for.
Suz text me that she had seen some gorgeous dresses at Dillard's. We don't have a very good mall near me. She has the Mall of Georgia, only the best mall in the whole state. I thought, yeah, right, Dillard's has the gorgeous dresses at your mall. They won't have diddly-squat at mine.
The Lord took a little burden off me, though. I nearly pulled a muscle in my arm carrying all the beautiful, colorful dresses I wanted to try on.

Easter Dress Conquest 2014 is over. I got the perfect dress. It wasn't at all the color or really the style I was looking for, but I love it, and I know I'll get a lot of use of it, too.

Next time I'll just go to Dillard's to begin with.

Till next time...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pretty Pink Flowers

I have the best family. I had a job today and when I got home, there was the prettiest hanging basket outside my door. It had a handwritten note signed by my aunt Barbo. It's a double begonia with the sweetest pink blooms on it. I love it, but I love her so much more!

It's four days until Easter! I have searched and searched for an Easter dress. I had a vision and a color in mind. I think that's where I made my first mistake. Now, nothing except that color dress appeals to me. I've got to find one because I've already bought the necklace that I wanted to wear with it! That was my second mistake. Maybe I'll choose another color, like, say, one the color of the pretty pink blossoms on my hanging basket.

Till next time...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Living Life

We visited the farm in South Georgia where my MaMa and PaPa Kimball lived, farmed, and raised their family. My uncle, Bobby, has a house on a portion of what used to be the tobacco field. He had all of us down for Easter. Nice photo bomb, Reid. There's a definite art to photo bombing.
Everyone brings food. It's a potluck. There was chicken, ham, a beautiful salad, the best poppyseed chiicken casserole I've ever eaten, a yummy hashbrown potato casserole, and lots of other yummy stuff. My aunt, Libby, makes the best baked beans. There are two things that MUST be at every Kimball family get-together. One is Libby's baked beans and the other is Jefff's chocolate delight. We had both. Jennifer's mom made a very good banana pudding. Who doesn't love banana pudding?!
Sometimes I look at my handsome sons and nephews and my beautiful niece, and I can't believe they are
the same little kids they used to be. How they grow up on you while you're busy living life.
Wish I could hear what Ross and Reid are conversing about.


Alicia and Cam

We don't have any "little" kids in the family anymore. Thankfully, we have some "not so little" kids that still like to bend over and pick up a plastic egg filled with Easter candy.

I love this one of sweet Ethan. There is something special about that boy. I got to spend some one-on-one time with him Friday when he helped me with some chores. I told him we could use a doctor in the family, and that I thought he'd make a good one. He chuckled.

My girl, Alayna. This is a big week for her. She gets her braces off on Thursday. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE! Love her so.

Ethan, Alayna, Eli, Colby, Emma and Hannah.

We fished and caught at least 100 of the smallest fish you've ever seen. But before leaving Twin Ciy, Georgia, we drove the small distance to Garfied, Georgia, where my grandparents are buried. Rest their souls. I miss them so much.

That was our Kimball Easter. It's always fun to go down to the farm and pond where I have so many great memories.
But today is someone's birthday who is very special to me! Can't even believe that this little guy is 10 years old today! He is the bonus given to our family. He's proof that being around a happy person will make you happy, too. Wish I could be around him more! Love him so, so, so much!


Looking forward to a wonderful week: I'm back to work, so far, so good. Just still weak and not much energy at a time. I think that anesthesia takes it out of you for a little while. Alayna's braces come off Thursday. Daddy finally is seeing a doctor whose specialty is uncontrolled diabetes. Stuffing billions of Easter eggs. Planning the menu for the couple of places we'll spend Easter Sunday. But mostly I'm looking forward to celebrating Christ's resurrection the ENTIRE day on Sunday. I have chills thinking about it.

Till next time... If you can be anything, be kind.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just a Rambler

I wanted to share with y'all a couple of cleaning products that I found this week. I've used Meyer's Clean Day products before. At Christmas they had a holiday scent that was pretty nice. I've used a couple of other scents, too. With my love for cleaning, and my love for smell-good-stuff, I have hit the jackpot!

This week I bought the Honeysuckle Countertop Spray. It smells so good. I'm totally wiping my countertops down all the time. Not sure it smells like a Honeysuckle, but it's very possible that it could smells even better than a honeysuckle.

So after I bought the countertop cleaner, I found the dish soap at another store. We rarely run our dishwasher since I rarely cook. And when we do cook something, we rinse the dishes off so thoroughly before we put them in the dishwasher, that we just go ahead and wash them and put them away. I mean, I wish they made bubblebath that smells as good as this dish soap. Now, I'm washing the sink with the dish soap, even if there aren't any dishes! Get you some! They make laundry detergent with the same scent, but my skin's gotten a little detergent sensitive, so I'm using unscented detergent right now.
I felt so great yesterday! I had prayed so hard Thursday night for a good day, and God really showed out.I felt great from the time I got up until I went to bed. And I wasn't laying around all day. It was just a feel-good kind of day. After having a great day yesterday, I was hoping that today would be the same or even better. I made plans to do a lot of things, since I expected to feel so good. One step forward, two steps back. Didn't feel nearly as good as I did yesterday.
I went ahead with the plans that I had made, which included a trip to Lenox, a trip to Wal-Mart and a mani and a pedi. Doesn't sound like much, but it was. I was so tired. I guess it's going to take a few more days to get my energy back. I know it will come, I just wish I could be more patient, and that it would happen soon. Got my toes and nails the prettiest shade of pink. I don't wear bright pink often, but I like it. Have you ever seen stumpier toes?
So even though I felt a little tired, I didn't have any pain otherwise, so I decided to try out my new fishing pole. Jeff took me to the neighborhood lake for about 30 minutes. My pole worked great, but I have to agree with Ross and Cam; there are NO fish in that lake.

After the short fishing trip, came home and took a bath. And out of nowhere, and like a ton of bricks, I started hurting at my incision site. It felt like I was getting stung by a swarm of bees right on top of a sunburn! I cried and cried in frustration and pain! I'm guessing that trying to cast my line caused the incision to stretch or something. Who knows.

Since I didn't feel so good today, then by reasoning, I should have a good day tomorrow. I sure hope so. We are heading to South Georgia to celebrate Easter with the Kimball side of the family. I was so looking forward to fishing in PaPa Kimball's pond. Now I'm afraid I won't be able to throw my line. AND I have to ride in the car for three hours each way. It's going to be a fun, but very tiring day. My mom isn't going to be making the trip with us. She doesn't want to leave my daddy alone for that long. There's never been a more dedicated wife in the world! She amazes me every single day.

I know this was probably the most thrilling thing you've read in days, yeah, sorry about that. I'm blogging so that I can remember what life was like for A Girl Named Kelly Kelly. There will be good days, and there will be not-so-good days. I'm thankful for them all.

Till next time...


Friday, April 11, 2014

My Baby Bracelet

My poor dadddy has been having one health issue after another. I mean, it's been very, very hard on him and my mother. He has uncontrolled diabetes and numerous other problems. I've had the privilege, and I do mean privilege, to take him to his many doctors' appointments. The time I have spent with him in his truck riding to and from his appointments is time I will cherish forever. I never get out of his truck without him telling me that he doesn't know what he'd do without me. Say what? In my mind, it's the other way around. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DO WITHOUT HIM.

My daddy is the strongest man I've ever known. When he was younger and healthier, he could do and did do anything. From building a house with his bare hands to growing rows of butterbeans a mile long. You name it, he could do it. And he would do it so close to perfect that you'd think it was perfect.

In recent years, my aunt, Barbara, has told me stories about how my daddy would look after me after I was born. Back in those days they put your father's name on a bracelet with beads on a string and they tied it to the baby's wrist. She has told me the story of my daddy fussing to the nurses that my baby bracelet was on my wrist too tight. He loved me so much that he was worried about my bracelet being too tight! He worried that my bottles would be too hot. He worried about every detail of my well-being. Now, it's my turn to make sure that he's taken care of, to be concerned with his well-being.

My mom was so sweet to save this flower vase that had the flowers he gave her after I was born. I was his
first baby. He was only 22 years old. He must've adored me so much.

Now, here we are today. He's 70 and I'm 48. I love him with all my heart. And if it takes all the time I have, I will take him to every appointment to every doctor. I am dedicated to his well-being. I'm going to make sure that he's taken care of by these doctors that treat their patients like they're just some random person. They WILL know that he's not some random person. They will know that he's MY DADDY!

He made sure my baby bracelet wasn't too tight. Now, I'll take care of him, just as he did for me. Because that's what you do!

Till next time...


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just Moaning and Groaning

Today I fee lousy. I have no energy and my surgery incision site has been sore. That's in addition to the normal pain I'm having from the Interstim. And the worst news of all is that I don't even know if this Interstim is going to help. I'm in a super funk. I'm trying hard to stay hopeful and optimistic. It would be easier if I didn't feel like someone was stabbing me in my private area.
I went to a depo this morning. I thought yesterday that I felt well enough that I could work today. Yesterday, I did feel good enough. Today, I did not. But I went and, thankfully, the witness didn't show up, so I got to leave. I ran into Target to exchange some jammies and pick up a few things. By the time I left, I was miserable and couldn't wait to get home. And do this. And this is what I've been doing for hours now.


I'm covered in my Snoopy blanket, even though I'm not cold. I like it for comfort, too. I'm looking out the window and looking forward to getting my energy back so that I can do the things I want to do, like yardwork, working out, yoga, riding my bicycle and so forth. Right now it seems like it'll be years before I feel like doing any of that stuff. But I know it's only going to be a few weeks. I've had two surgeries in less than a month. That's got to be rough on a body. I can testify to that.

A couple of weeks ago we got a new car. A brand-new car. Is there anything more delightful to the senses than the smell of a brand-new car? I think not. We got a 2014 Escape. I love it! It drives so smooth and has a lot of bells and whistles that I'm really enjoying. Jeff is driving it to work every day, but I've driven it some, too. I'm looking forward to all of the pollen being gone so that I can let the top down on my convertible. Now, that will make me feel good for sure. The pine trees look like they're about to burst they're so full of that icky green stuff. Hopefully, by this time next week they'll have let loose of their pollen and we can sit outside without feeling like we need a good dusting before we come inside.

Our little Eli Marshall got his hair cut yesterday. He has been begging Suz for months to let him get it cut short. None of us really wanted him to get his curls cut off, because they just suited his personality so much.
But she gave in yesterday and let him get it cut. He'll be 10 in a few days and in in this picture, I feel like he looks about 15. I know our Eli Marshall is the same little boy without his curls. It's just going to take a little while to get used to it. But look how handsome and proud!

He's a great kid. Smart and happy all the time. A blessing in our lives for sure. I can't wait to give him smooches on that great, new haircut.

Jeff just walked in and asked if I felt up to riding with him to Lowes. I think I will go. It'll do me good. Maybe I'll pick up a few pots of flowers for the porch. Flowers ALWAYS make me happy.

Thanks for listening to my moaning and groaning. I know this will soon be a thing of the past.

Till next time...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Yesterday was the day of my final surgery for the Interstim nerve stimulator placement.  We had to be at Emory at 5:30 in the morning.  This is the lobby at Emory.  It looks more like a super nice hotel than it does a hospital lobby.
 The second procedure was nothing compared to the first.  Of course, they put me to sleep for the second one, and I sure was thankful.  I couldn't have taken any more pain like I had during the first one.
 Shortly after I got home, I had a houseful of visitors.  Suz, Reid, Alayna, Eli, Crystal and Ethan came.  Suz brought me a dozen FRESH Krispy Kreme donuts.  If you don't have a Krispy Kreme nearby, or they don't have them in your grocery store, I'm sorry.  They are THE best donut on the planet.
 Crystal brought me some pretty, fresh flowers.  Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE fresh flowers.  Well, really, now that I think about it, I love anything that's fresh.  Ross brought me the most beautiful purple orchid I have ever seen.  I mean, seriously, it's beautiful.  I'm going to do my best to keep it growing.  Suz brought me roses and Cam and Alicia brought me flowers, too.  They all know that flowers in my kitchen make me happy.  In fact, that's really all my kitchen is for is to display pretty things.

I had not been home too long when my mama and daddy came to see me.  They were concerned about me, I could tell.  All the love that's been shown to me the past several weeks has made me realize how loved I am.  That's a darn good feeling, too.
As if all that weren't enough, my good friend that I work with sent me a text that she had put a little something in my mailbox.  She had put these pretty nail polishes in large plastic Easter eggs.  It was like she knew these were the colors I was looking for my Easter dress in.  Aren't they gorgeous?
I have had so many people praying for me.  A friend from the gym has sent me text messages before and after each procedure.  She had her prayer group praying for me, too.  God is so good to me, and my heart is so grateful.  

 My dad was scheduled for a medical test today, but he wasn't able to go due to his diabetes.  His sugar dropped very low and he was too weak to make it to the appointment.  I'm going with him Friday to the doctor that ordered the test and discuss other options with him.   Please pray that they will have some other way to perform the test.  He needs to have it done, but he's not able to go without food for 24 hours.  He's not your everyday diabetic.  His sugar drops dangerously low sometimes.

I'm feeling good enough to go in my office and get some work done.  So that's what I'm about to do.  It's a lovely day here in Georgia.  The trees are blooming, the grass is green and the pollen is just terrible.  But I love it because that means that Spring is here!  The gloominess of the winter is gone.

Till next time...  Love and hugs to you!