Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Night Supper in May

Last night was a wonderful night!  I'm still so happy this morning.  It wasn't really anything special, but yet it was so very special to me.

My dad has been under the weather for about the last month or so.  He's been in chronic pain with an old motorcycle injury that changed his life, and the lives of everyone who loves him, forever.  One day I'll write about that and the phenomenal man that I think he is.  But for today, I'm going to write about a wonderful Sunday Night Supper.

The weather has been so hot.  Definitely hot for May.  And our old friend
Mr. Humidity has now made his unwelcome appearance, and I have a feeling he's here to stay until about November.

Anyway, back to the wonderful night.  The whole family was here.  My boys and my nephews, their girlfriends, and my beautiful one and only niece.  We kept the menu simple and each of us brought fixings for making subs.

Alayna, Eli and Ethan swam while they ate their dinner.  Ethan and Eli referred to it as nibbling.  You know, nibbling.  You get out of the pool, you take a bite, you chew it up, you get back in, repeat.  That's nibbling.  At least in kid terminology.

But the best part of the entire night was seeing my dad.  He looked so good.  He's still in quite a bit of pain, though he tries very hard to hide it.  He enjoyed himself a lot, I could tell.  And that makes my heart smile and glow, like the big moon the other night.
Jason, Daddy and Jeff, who is hiding behind Jason.  See his ear!
The "kids" ate in the dining room.  Silly, silly, but I love them so!

The Nibblers.

Mom, Crystal, Suz and I ate outside on the deck.  In the late afternoon, my deck is shaded.  It was nice out there and we enjoyed chatting away.  The bugs were kind enough to leave us alone, with the exception of a few flies.  

Coincidentally, it was also Missye's birthday.  She and Ross missed a little of the fun, as she had to celebrate with her family.  They were back in plenty of time to swim, eat and even have a birthday doughnut from none other than Krispy Kreme.

It would've been difficult to cut the doughnut so everyone could have a piece, so she wrapped it up and took it home for her breakfast!

She blew out her candles and made a wish.  Isn't it fun to watch other kids when someone is blowing out their candles?  Look at Eli, he looks like he's going to help her. 

I thanked God last night for such a wonderful get-together.  I hope I have a thousand more just like them.  

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  It's back to the ol' grind today.  But hey, they ol' grind isn't so bad.  Today I'm thankful for even that!  

Till next time...