Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Trip

Alayna had been asking me since school has been out to come up and spend the night with her and her mom. She's wanting to get highlights in her hair. Her hair is pretty and dark, like Suz's. Suz didn't really want her to lighten it up, but Alayna knows she tugs on my heart strings and really has me quite wrapped, as do my nephews as well.

She also thinks that if I tell her mom I think she should let her have her hair lightened, bam, she'll let her. Maybe it's because I'm eight years older than Suz and used to give her her bottle. I don't know, but anyway, Alayna thinks Suz will change her mind if I approve. So part of the purpose of my visit was to convince Suz to let Alayna lighten her hair.

We bought the hair lightener last night. Ha! Alayna is smart, don't you think?

Old town Buford is really a great place with lots of small, hole in the wall restaurants. Suz and a friend had been to this place called Rico's and she went on and on about how good the food was.

It's very, very small. It's actually in an old automotive garage. Jason said his dad had some tires or something done to his car there back in the day.

Well, let me just tell ya. The food was amazing. I had a fried green tomato salad. Suz had a fried green tomato and grilled portabello mushroom sandwich. Alayna had shrimp. Their dishes came with homemade sweet potato chips.

I love fried green tomatoes, but who'd have thought to serve them alongside a salad? It was very good. Maybe the best part of the whole meal was the dessert, which I didn't even get a picture of. I think it's because as soon as the plate and bowl hit the table, we devoured them. We ordered a slice of orange cake and banana pudding made with those adorable Pepperidge Farm chessmen. Oh, my heavens. The cake was wonderful. We tried to figure out what the icing was made of. We think it was cream cheese, whipped cream and powdered sugar. The banana pudding equally yummy.

Here we are after pigging out. Looking all full and sassy.

We rented Shutter Island since I never saw it while it was at the theater. We made popcorn and dumped Milk Duds and Raisinets in the bowl. Just like at the movies. I stayed up until 1 o'clock watching that movie, which I thought was good, by the way.

Perhaps the best part of my trip was my bed partner. Sweet Eli. I love to snuggle with that sweet boy, but he's always so busy playing that it's hard to get him pinned down. But with him sleeping, I could snuggle all I wanted. It was unfortunate to me that he is equally busy when he's sleeping, as I literally slept the entire night in about a one-inch part of the bed. Oh, well, I got me some good kisses. I can sleep later I guess.

Jeff and I have picked up a cold and we both feel awful today. I can go the whole winter without a single cold, but every summer I get one and it's always bad.

Well, gotta go. I've got to help Eli look for his little ball that he throws up against the wall about 10,000 times a day.

Till next time.


Cindy Lou said...

It sounds like you had a fun time in Buford!! I know that you enjoy those kiddos...kinda like me with Tracy's kids!! I sure hope that you and Jeff get to feeling better!! Love you bunches!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Sounds like fun! Shutter Island was good wasn't it!!! I loved it! Glad you are enjoying your trip, hope you feel better soon!

Theresa said...

Oh so sorry you have a summer cold! I know you are enjoying your fun time at Suzanne's with those kids! They sure love you and I know you love them!

We had a highlight thing with Autumn, she wanted them and finally Tracy let her get them. Well, when they were getting ready for Ginger's wedding... she wanted them covered up. I guess she decided her natural color wasn't so bad after all.

Love you and I hope you and Jeff feel better! Enjoy your little getaway!


What a fun trip...and summer colds stink. The food looked yummy.

Joyce said...

I got the cold too. mine is a cough...cough...cough! Yuk! Praying you two feel better! It looks like you had a wonderful time! It is weird the food you can order there.They don't have fried green tomatoes on a menu up here... anywhere! lol! Have a great week, Kelli!

prashant said...

Love you bunches!!
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