Monday, January 14, 2013

Jean's 86th birthday

Saturday night we celebrated my mother-in-law, Jean's, 86th birthday.  Jeff grilled these amazing filet mignons.  We had 16 steaks and he cooked them perfectly.  

It was a beautiful night for a cookout.  Who would've thought that in January you could actually grill out in shorts?  We lit our outdoor fire pit and sat outside on the deck by the fire after we ate.  It was a great party and so much better than going out to eat like we usually do.

This is Mee Maw, a/k/a Jean, with Scott, her oldest grandson.  Scott moved to South Africa two years ago and he came home for Christmas to spend a month.  
 It was pretty chaotic and I didn't get very many good pictures to share.  But here are just a few.
                            Jeff and Ronnie discussing the grilling method.
                                        The birthday cookie cake.
                                Me and Nan doing what we do; being silly!

So thankful for the wonderful mother-in-law that Jean is to me.  I have learned a lot about mother-in-lawing from her.  She really is a blessing.  She kept my babies so that I could work one day a week.  She cooked supper for us that one day and I'd get to her houses to pick up the boys, and she'd have supper on the table ready for us to eat.  I cherish those memories, I truly do.  She has been very active the entire time I've known her.  She golfed, she bowled, she shopped, and she was the fastest walker you've ever seen.  She's slowed down quite a bit these days.  She's still in good health, but as they say, time stands still for no man.  Age eventually catches up with even the best of us.

Tonight I start back at the gym.  I have been out for two months since I had my surgery on November 20th.  I think it'll be tough, but I hiked Stone Mountain one night last week with Jeff and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be.  So maybe, just maybe, the gym won't be either.  Half of the battle is getting there, that is for sure.

My mom is on the Internet now.  She got a tablet for Christmas and is reading a few blogs, so my hope is to blog more so that she will have something fascinating to read.  Ha!

Till next time...

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Theresa said...

I love Jean! She has always been so sweet to me:) I can't believe she is 86, she looks great! Jeff is an awesome griller and those steaks look SO yummy! I am happy that your Mom is on the internet, I believe she will really enjoy it! She can keep up with what all of us "Wild and Crazy GUYS" are doing:) Have a blessed day precious Kelly! Love you!