Monday, March 21, 2016

Recap of a Good Weekend

Every Friday night, Crystal, James, Jeff and I go to the local Mexican restaurant.  They have good chips and salsa and it's a fun place to relax after the long workweek.  This week Cam joined us.  He didn't bring Grant, which was probably pretty relaxing for him.  We ran into some old friends there that we used to go to the beach with every year.  They remember Cam from when he was like four years old.  They would have been so amazed at what a pretty baby he has!  But, boy, I bet it would've made them feel OLD.  Had to stop by Grant's house on the way to eat just to get some good sugar!  None better.

Reid and Ross spent Saturday together.  I guess you could say they were working.  From the look on Ross's face, not too sure about that.  But anyway, it makes me happier than words can say how close our boys are.  The cousins are really more like brothers than cousins.  

Saturday, we were able to go and visit Johnny in Savannah.  He's in Memorial Medical Center recovering from major, major colon surgery.  They were able to remove the tumor, but unfortunately, in doing so, it caused them to have to remove most of his colon, too.  He was doing very good.  He looked so much better than he did the last time we saw him.  He seems to be coming to terms with his situation.  We're so thankful that he's alive.  He's had such a long, hard road.  He's got an incredible memory.  He can remember things -- little, tiny details -- about people and events  It really is fun talking with him.  Can't wait till he can really laugh and enjoy talking about the old memories again.

Before we went to the hospital, we decided to have lunch at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons in Savannah.  It was St. Patrick's Day weekend, so the streets were still crowded, even though St. Patrick's Day was Thursday.  Crazy.  Que pedestrians everywhere.  I even almost had one as a hood ornament.

Crystal had to work that morning and Ethan also had two baseball games that afternoon, so she didn't make the trip.  But maybe next time.  And after tasting Paula's mashed potatoes, y'all, there will be a next time.

Pretty sweet tea!  Not too sweet; just right!

By the time we had eaten, we were all too full for dessert.  But you can't go to the Lady and Sons and not have dessert.  We had just a taste of each.  The peach cobbler was the hands-down favorite.

This isn't a good picture of us, because it was a glare and we were using the Selfie Stick, but I want it for my memory.  

I'm a huge fan of sunrises and sunsets.  This was the beautiful sunset from the 4th floor of the hospital.  Gorgeous!

Suz spent Saturday night down here because it was so late when we got back home.  We stayed in Savannah until around 7 o'clock.  

She didn't have any of her things, so we didn't make it to church.  But we had lunch with Crystal and James and then we baked and baked and baked cookies.

We were running low on frosting, so she frosted hers since she had to go home.  I've got to frost mine tonight.  Look how pretty hers are!  Crystal rolled and cut the shapes out.  Suz and I manned the oven, made the frosting and just kept things cleaned as we went along.  Sisters make a great team.

 And just because I could never leave this sweet picture out of my memory blog, here's our sweet Grant today.
The cold snap has let him be able to wear a few of his cold weather things that he didn't get to wear too much.  This little sweater suit was one of my very favorites!

Gotta get to frosting!  Till next time...


Theresa said...

OH Paula Deen's place, LOVE it! I loved her collard greens:) I will be visiting there again very soon! So happy to hear that Johnny is doing good! He IS and will stay in my prayers! Love your family and the closeness that you all share! Those are the sweetest of times, family together doing whatever they are doing! Yum to the beautiful cookies:) Have a blessed day dear Niece, give Grant a smooch from me:) Love you!

Kay G. said...

Hope to make it to Savannah again one day. have not been there for years!
Cute baby with his sweater!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures. It was a fun weekend :))