Thursday, July 22, 2010

Senior Picture Day

Cam's senior picture day went off without a hitch. Except for the fact that they were running an hour and a half behind. We're having some casual pictures made in the fall when it's cooler and the leaves are changing. He wants them to be made outside. The pictures that were taken yesterday were the formal pictures. You know, the one picture that you always remember. The one that goes in your senior yearbook. The one that you show your kids and grandkids. I wanted it to be just right. Imagine that.

As y'all may know, Cam's lost 65 pounds. I know. Crazy, isn't it? Seems his stubborn personality is also a very determined one. I have no doubt that he'll be able to do anything in life that he sets his mind to. That is a very exciting thought for me. I hope he'll decide to do something wonderful.

Of course, he was always gorgeous to me, but look how he looks now. He wears a size small shirt and a 30 waist in shorts and pants. Unreal. He works out every day and watches what he eats. Right now he's following a workout diet and eating a certain amount of carbs, proteins, etc. I am so, so proud of him.

But back to the senior picture day. We got there and were waiting along with a lot of other kids and a few parents. His best friend, Drew, and his mom were also there waiting. Drew's appointment was about 30 minutes before Cam's. When it came time for Cam to have his made, they put a size 44 jacket on him. It swallowed him. Had I not been there and been insistent, they would've made his picture wearing a jacket that looked like it'd fit Frankenstein. My insistence on finding a jacket that fit seemed to embarrass Cam, but in the end they found the right size and he looked so handsome and grown. I did tear up.

After the pictures, we went school shopping. Y'all probably know what that means. Mom opens her wallet and empties it out. He has bought a lot of clothes over the summer while he's been working and paid for them himself. I took him to the Polo store and let him get several things. As most of you would do, I'm sure, I would spend my last dime on my kids. Then we went to Belk and he got a couple more things and I managed to get my shopping fix that I missed the day I went to Buford by buying myself one or two or three things.

We also had lunch. At QuikTrip. I had a taquito and he had a bag of beef jerky and a bottle of water. Nice.

I enjoyed the day with my boy and I'm so thankful that after almost 18 years of hard, hard work I can say Jeff and I have raised another fine fella.

Till next time.


Theresa said...

Another fine fella indeed and handsome... GIRL, please! That boy is handsome, always has been but he is knock 'em out of the park, good-darn-looking! I am so proud of his determination in the weight loss area! You are so right in that he obviously can do anything he sets his mind to. I would have NEVER thought he could have lost that much weight and you could still see him.

It gives me chills to think these little boys are all grown up and not those little boys anymore:( I pray you have a most blessed day my sweet niece!

I love you so much!

Joyce said...

Wow... what a kid! To lose that much is amazing. If he can do it... I can do it! What incentive. You sure have nice looking boys. Enjoy your time with them before some girl comes and marries them!!! lol! Have a great day!!!! xoxo

Barbara said...

He is a very handsome boy and I know you are proud and looked like you had a great time too, hugs

wendy said...

Your son looks awesome.
Senior, It is awlays hard, proud, sad ........all those mixed emotions to watch our children grow up

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh WOW 65 lbs, tell him I said congratualtions & if you don't mind my asking how did he do it??? I bet he was handsome as ever, can't wait to see the pics! Have a great night!