Friday, December 17, 2010

Working, Shopping, Wrapping & Baking

Do you ever wonder how in the world you get it all done? Today I've worked. I shopped. I wrapped. And now I'm baking.

And the funny thing about this is that I DON'T LIKE TO COOK! It's taken me a little while to publicly admit that I just don't like cooking. It's not natural. It's not womanly. It's not maternal.
I'm making Pioneer Woman's Christmas Rum Cake. I had not quite half a cup of rum. I needed more. So I just poured the rum that I did have in an ice cold glass of Diet Coke. Wow. It was so good. Even after the Diet Coke and rum, guess what? I still don't like to cook.
I'm also making a big pasta salad to take to our South Georgia Christmas tomorrow. We're gathering at my cousin Rick and his wife, Jackie's house. They live in Alpharetta, which is about an hour away. Even before I started to drink the rum, I had mishap after mishap in the kitchen. For example:
1. Spilled an entire, FULL CUP OF CHOPPED NUTS. (Yes, Bandit was quite happy.) Maybe that was what caused her to poop in the house. (Yes, I was SO NOT HAPPY!)
2. Burned my fingers on the pan with the boiling water and pasta.
3. Dropped half the noodles down the drain after burning my fingers on the pan with the boiling water and pasta.
4. Thought I bought olives with no pits. Bit into one. Guess what? Picked up the wrong jar.
5. Removed the pits from exactly 12 olives. Didn't take me long to decide that a machine needs to do that job. This pasta salad will have 12 olives only.
Those things have happened and I have not yet mixed up my cake yet. Jeff had to stop on his way home from work and get me some more rum. I may have to have another Diet Coke to make it through the rest of this cooking project.
Hope y'all are getting all of your Christmas chores done, and that you're enjoying every minute of it. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Till next time.


Theresa said...

Oh you are so entertaining! I giggled while reading about the rum or lack of it for a rum cake! I have spilled so many things in my attempt to cook! I don't like it either AND I am not very good at it! There we got that out of the way! I hope you enjoy your Family Christmas tomorrow, I know you will! Take lots of pictures and tell Bobby, Luke and families "HI and Merry Christmas" from me! Love you! Auntie T

Joyce said...

That was so fun to read. You crack me up! I hate to cook too!!! Now all the closet anti-cookers can come forth and unite! So far there are 3 of us! lol! Hope you have a great family Christmas! Our is tomorrow too... then the slumber party. Will be a blast. xoxo

billypandnikkysmom said...

Girl after my own heart, don't let the rum go to waste! Hope that you enjoy your time with your family!


I am not a fan of cook either. I love to decorate and set a mean table....just dont make me cook the stuff.