Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back in the Day

Friday nights have always been date night for Jeff and me. Way back in the day, when the boys were little, we would take them over to my parents' house every Friday night. We'd drop them off and then go out to eat or do whatever, but usually it was to go eat. And almost always it was to eat Mexican food at our-then-favorite-place, On the Border. They're not even open anymore.

Date night was definitely a highlight of the week and really set the stage for Friday becoming my favorite day of the week. It was always a relief to get rid of the kids and go somewhere with only Jeff.

The kids didn't suffer it out either. They loved staying over at my mom and dad's. Some very good times were had by all on Friday nights. My mom would usually cook them something neat. My dad would play some of his favorite DVDs, like Mr. Bean or Sanford and Son. And he had a junk box that the boys loved to get in.

We never rushed to get back and pick them up. At On the Border, there was no rushing anyway. It was always sooo crowded. They had the best margaritas. In the summertime, we'd sit out on the deck and I remember times when it would be so hot. Between the salt in the margarita and the Georgia heat, my feet would be swollen like Rosie the Elephant by the time we left. And by the time we'd get back to mom and dad's, they would be asleep. Jeff carried Ross out to the car until he was way too heavy to carry. Good times. Good times.

Of course, now, we don't take Ross and Cam to my parents' house on Fridays anymore. We don't take them anywhere. They rarely go out to eat with us. They have their own things going on. Last night was no exception. They had plans and, since it was Friday night date night, Jeff and I had plans, too.

What's the difference between now and back in the day? Friday night dinner date was here.

We went through the drive-through, got our food, pulled over in a parking place facing the gas station and watched people. People watching has been a longtime favorite entertainment for us anyway. And let me tell ya, a gas station off Interstate 75 is an excellent place to people watch. We watched a shadetree mechanic underneath a very, very old brokedown truck. Before we were finished eating, though, he had the truck sorta running. Apparently that was the least of his troubles, because Jeff pointed out that one of the tires was also off. I think he was gonna be there awhile.

Finished with our food, we left. Came home and tried to find something on tv. Wow. There was nothing except basketball, which Jeff would've been happy to watch. Me, I'd rather walk barefoot on thumbtacks. So we watched a couple of old sitcoms on Netflicks and got in bed before 11.

Sounds like an old-fogie date night, huh? That's what happens, I guess, when the kids get older and they're gone more. Date night kinda loses some of its lustre, some of its magic. Even with a banana pudding milkshake, the night just didn't have the same oomph of the date nights back in the day.

Tonight I plan on having another date night. Tonight we will not be staying in Stockbridge having an old-fogie date. I refuse to be old already.

Till next time. Enjoy your Saturday night.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet night you "young-fogies" had:) Sounds like the perfect night when the boys were little... I know how much your Mom and Dad enjoyed those boys for their Friday night visit!

NOW, I just have to COMMENT on your boys and their muscles! OMG, ROSS is HALF of his old self! He has always been handsome but Kelly, BAR the door:)

Cameron looks like a muscle guy on TV! I can't believe how they have changed SINCE CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy your Saturday date night with your handsome husband!

Love you bunches, Auntie T

suzanne said...

Too funny! Well, we had NO kids last night, AND free movie tickets, and we ended up watching Forensic Files. Guess we're old fogeys, too :(

Joyce said...

We don't even do date night anymore. We'd rather stay home, cook steaks, and catch up on our programs we recorded. ;D It is nice to get older. :D