Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That

I was reading through my daily blogs and came across the cutest thing I have seen in a while. I always read Laurie's blog. She has two pretty little girls and is such a witty gal. I'm blogging tonight from the ipad and cant get it to link up with her blog. She's Laurie's Life on my sidebar list.

She was showing about a gift she had received and I thought it was so cute. And a great way to use old buttons.

My mom used to have this old, old sewing machine that was on a wooden desk-type thing that belonged to my great grandmother It had these little tiny button and notions drawers. It was FULL of old buttons. When we were kids, we would play like we were cashiers and the buttons were change. It didn't take much to entertain little girls in the '70s.

Anyway, I did a Google search and found lots of good info on making your own button bracelet like the one she received. Maybe they've been around a while and I'm a day late, but I fell in love with them.

I can't figure out how to get my pics smaller. I hope they don't hurt your eyes. They are so big. Neither can I figure out how to get past the pics and finish my post. So I will just leave you with these pretty images.

I can't wait to get to my mom's and get in those button drawers.

Till next time...


suzanne said...

oooh i like them a lot! You can buy buttons super cheap, too. I love that button drawer.

Cindy Lou said...

LOVE those bracelets!! Maybe Tracy can look at them...she is really good at making jewelry!! Thanks for posting!! Love you!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful bracelets! Love the first one! I have a thing for buttons:) I have been buying them at Estate Sales! Some of my blog friends use them on their cards and tags! They are useful too like for keeping your shirt on:)

Enjoy your day sweet Kelly! Love you, Auntie T

Barbara said...

I love the one with the CAMEO on it, they all are pretty, have a very blessed day, hugs Barbara

Joyce said...

cool, big pictures! i love that you're back to blogging! love reading them and snooping in your life again! xoxo