Friday, October 9, 2009

The Bad Guys

Yesterday, my job was downtown at the State Bar of Georgia Building. The building itself was really a neat place. It is actually the building that the Federal Reserve Bank occupied until 2001. It felt so solemn and serious. You could tell that pretty serious business was tended to there.

In the lobby, they have an old attorney's office set up for display. I don't know what time frame it was made to look like, but it was old. And it was neat. I love history and so I enjoyed seeing the things that they used back in the "old days."

My depo was on the third floor of the building. They had an area where I guess kids come to visit on field trips. It was a museum with pictures of some of Georgia's most famous trials and lots of civil rights movement pictures. Even some of the signs carried by protesters were there.

There was this giant picture of the electric chair. Sure didn't look like anything I would ever want to sit in. I love museums, so it was a treat to enjoy something different before my depo started.

Now, I'd like to introduce y'all to the Bad Guys in my life. Thankfully, I'm around them only when I work. But let me tell ya, when you have to walk as much as I do to get where I'm going, they are really, really bad. Some parking decks have no elevators. Some buildings have no elevators. I know that's hard to believe for the people with disabilities, but it's true.

And these are things that I have to have for my work. And these are the things I have to lug around with me. Lift them out of the car. Pick them up to go up steps. Lift them back in the car. And thank heaven, Jeff always lifts them out of the car at home. They are H-E-A-V-Y.
The brown one holds my machine, cords and dozens of batteries. The pink one I use as a briefcase. Bad Guys Number 1.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Bad Guy Number 2. These shoes. OMGosh. I had a new dress on yesterday and really had no other choice but to wear THESE shoes.

These shoes are not to be taken lightly. These shoes are mean. They will hurt you bad. They are sitting-down shoes. They are not walking around shoes. Do you have shoes like that? Shoes that are fine from the house to the car and that's about it? Almost all of my dress shoes are like that.

After walking around the State Bar Building in the Bad Guy shoes, I was hurting. Then dumb me stopped by the mall to look at, what else, more shoes! I walked and walked and walked. My feet were hurting! Then to further torture myself, I stopped at WalMart. We needed a few things, not the least of which was some shoe inserts for my shoes. I opened them up and put them in right there in the store. Too bad they didn't help one bit. And they were $8. I thought I'd be in and out in no time. Uh, no. By the time I left WalMart I could barely walk. I am not even kidding. Then I had to stop by a mechanic shop and get my emissions test on my car for my tag. Was there a place to sit in there? No. So I had to stand around for 20 minutes in THOSE shoes. Went to get my tag. Left my checkbook in the car. Had to walk back to the car in THOSE shoes.

When I finally got home, my entire feet were killing me. There wasn't one single pressure point that wasn't feeling pain. My toenails felt like they had been hammered one by one. Then I sat down at my desk without even changing clothes, but honey, I sure threw those shoes off . Four hours later I got up. That was one long day. By then my feet and neck and shoulders and back were hurting from carrying the cases and sitting at my desk too long. Man, the things I do to make a buck. So that I can buy more shoes! Oh, boy.

On to another subject. Look at this woodpecker. Isn't he so cute? If he was bigger, he'd look like Woody. We have a big dead limb in the top of one of our trees and I think he hangs out there. He was too pretty not to have his picture made.

Off to get ready for work. Me and the Bad Guys. I'll be wearing a different pair of shoes though, but they won't be much better probably!

Till tomorrow, TGoodnessIF! Enjoy!


Cindy Lou said...

I have lots of shoes like that!! All the cute ones hurt my feet! Have a great day...Love you!!!

Theresa said...

I DO have shoes that are killers. When I put them on... it must be a day of sitting and not much standing. I have one pair of the cutest heels, always get compliments on them but I HATE to wear them. If I was in Walmart and my feet hurt like that, I would have bought some ugly flats. Love you and hope your feet have a comfy day:)

Joyce said...

I was thinking the same thing Theresa... except I may have bought slippers! lol! Those would go in the yard sale pile for sure.

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Ohh Kelly! I have been there and it always happens that you end up walking alot when you have the bad shoes on! They were cute, though!!! Have a wonderful Friday!

billypsmom said...

Oh, I have shoes like that too & every time I wear them I say "LYNDA, why did you put these things on your feet today" LOL ~ oh well as long as we look good,right!!!! Loved you blog & that little woodpecker! Have a great day!

Missy said...

You are too funny!

Katie said...

Kelly ~ I love your new background and also that scarecrow! You did a great job.

Too bad about those shoes...they sure are cute. ; )