Thursday, October 29, 2009


Warning! Do not read any further unless you want to hear musings from a very grumpy girl!What is wrong with me you may ask? Do you ever have a day that you're just in a bad mood? Nothing specific, everything in general. That's the mood I'm in today. Nothing can make me happy.

The morning started off fine. I came to my computer to send a file to my typist. The file was corrupt. It was the audio from a deposition. That is NOT good. Thank goodness I had a backup running. And thank goodness it wasn't corrupt. That's really the thing that set my mood for the day. I know everyone's job can be stressful, but I tell you, this job of mine really whips me sometimes.

I feel unproductive and I don't feel like I want to be productive. I just feel plain old grumpy. I'm not feeling like myself at all. I went to the mall after working this morning to look for a new comforter. Didn't buy a thing. In fact, I was so grumpy I wanted to spit on all the comforters I didn't like. I didn't though.

I'm tired of driving around in a dirty car. If the stupid rain would stop for more than a day or two at a time, I would take it and get it washed.

I have to go to the laundromat tonight to wash my comforter since I decided to keep it instead of buying a new one. I'm thinking if I wash it, I might like it better. The thought of sitting in the laundromat washing and drying my comforter -- it's too big for my washer -- doesn't make me in a better mood.

My garage is a disaster. The boys have got so much junk in there. And they just drop it right where they're standing. Makes me completely nuts.

I just gave Bandit a bath the other day. She already smells like a dog again. I don't like for my dog to smell like a dog. I prefer she smell like shampoo. Why won't she cooperate?

I've been having migraine headaches two or three times a week at least. Have had a bit of one since last Friday. Yesterday I took a prescription pain pill to try to get some relief. Guess what happened? I had a reaction like I sometimes do and I itched all night long. I mean ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I had no Benadryl in my house. The only thing I had was some Pamprin. I thought it had the generic of Benadryl in it, so I took two. Didn't help. So I just lay there and scratched. I finally fell asleep at 4 o'clock in the morning. Then I was awakened by an awful nightmare! Sometimes you just can't buy a break.

Called my doctor's office to get a refill on a couple of prescriptions I take every day. One is a biggie. It's to help keep my hormones in check since my surgery. It kinda helps keep my family from killing me.

Well, I had to speak to Nurse Nitwit. I tell ya, me and this lady are NEVER on the same page. She added further to my grumpiness. Why I ask you.

Came home and it was so hot in my house. At least it felt hot to me. The thermostat said 71, but I don't believe it. It was hot and stuffy. Are we having summer again? If we are, would someone please let me know so that I can get my summer clothes back out again!

On a very exciting note. Eli played in the championship last night. The team they played was undefeated and had beaten Eli twice in the regular season. But not last night. Eli's team gave them their first loss of the season. I really do hate it that somebody has to lose, but I was glad it wasn't Eli.

Look at his little face. Proud, proud, proud. Oh, and please disregard my bangs in this picture. It was rather humid outside last night.

Okay. Well, I'm taking my grumpy self to the laundromat, where I'll likely be with a bunch of other grumpy people. I mean really. Who likes to go to the laundromat?

Till tomorrow, if I'm not too grumpy to write.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Kelly, you had the same kind of day I had! Hope it gets better, on the bright side it's almost bed time :)

Theresa said...

HONEY please, you make me pee in my depends undergarment:) You should quit that job and be a comedian. I am sorry that you are having headaches and grumpiness. We ALL have those days, EVEN MOI! Luckily they don't last forever and you'll be your sweet cheery self before you know it. I am VERY proud of ELI, he is just so darned cute and happy with his trophy! Love you and hope your comforter smell fresh and clean, that your headache is gone, that you don't itch during the night, that you have pleasant dreams and that your puppy smells NOT like a dog when you get up in the morning!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh how I love a good post from a girlnamedkellykelly!! You may be in a moodful kind of way but you are too funny about it!! I know you probably don't think so, but you are!!I love you and I hope your day gets better!

Missy said...

When I have these days, I am called a B-I-T-C-H! LOL

Joyce said...

At least you always have humor. Must run in the family! I will pray for you and that you sleep comfy with fresh scents around you! xoxo

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

You are so darn funny! You are funny even when you are explaining about how grumpy you are! That is pure talent! Sorry you had a bad day! I can relate! My dogs smell like dogs too and it drives me nuts. Why wash them? Congrats to Eli!!!! Yay!! He is so cute and looks so proud in that picture. That is a great moment when your kid wins a big game! Love you and I am sending you wishes for a headache free, sweet smelling, non-itchy, corrupt free day!!