Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Past

Happy Halloween! It looks like it's gonna be a rainy one for us. The weatherman says it may stop in time for trick-or-treating. If not, I guess umbrellas will have to be included in the costumes.

I don't have any little ones to dress up anymore. Mine are too old. Heaven knows, though, they can be just as scary as any ghoul out there. I bought a pumpkin, but no one carved it. I decorated the house, but I don't know if anyone, besides me, cared. All in all, Halloween past was more fun than Halloween present. Does anyone else feel that way? I guess it's just the point in life that I'm at. No little kids, no little kid fun.

Here's a glimpse of Halloweens past.

First, is Ross the football player. He was almost three months old.

Ross the skeleton in '89. My dad always liked for us to empty our trick-or-treat pumpkins out and let him pick out the candy that he liked. Then when we I had kids, I always took them over to their house and they'd do the same thing. My dad likes Almond Joys and Mounds. Not many kids like those.

Ross the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in 1990.

Ross the hunter and Cam the pumpkin in 1992. Cam was only two-and-a-half months old. And obviously not happy with the way the hunter was holding the pumpkin.

One of my very favorite Halloween pictures. This is Ross the indian and Cam the cowboy in 1993. Where Jeff used to work back then had huge Halloween parties for the kids. They could trick-or-treat all the cubicles and they'd get so much candy they wouldn't need to go anywhere else. But, of course, we always did.

Another favorite. Ross the hunter (again) and Cam the Dracula. 1994. This year began the years of buying Cam expensive costumes. The most expensive one, the Star Wars one, I couldn't find my picture.

Ross the hunter (yes, again) and Cam the fireman. 1995. Typical Ross. He still makes faces for most all the pictures I make. I always have to make at least two.

Now we skip to Halloween 2000. Ross the hunter (can you believe it?), Cam the football player, Reid the football player, Joseph the Frankenstein, Ethan the pumpkin and Alayna the Teletubby.

In 2001 Ross is finally something other than a hunter. Cam is in the Scream mask. Reid is a skeleton, Joseph is a zombie, Ethan is Blues Clues and Alayna is a ballerina.

Halloween 2002. Cam, Reid and Alayna.

2003. There is an extra kid in this picture. It's Cam's good friend, Justin.

2004. Cam and a few friends and one of the friends brother.

Great costume for Cam in 2005. He actually trick-or-treated wearing that thing! It was great.

2006. Cam was an old lady and Reid was Elvis. In this pic, Elvis is singing to the old lady. I don't' think she's gonna live through the song.

Here's the rest of the gang in 2006.

Isn't Thomas adorable?
Ethan was an amazing Dracula.

Joseph was the creepy guy from Kiss.

Halloween 2007. This was the last year Cam dressed up. As you can see from his costume here, he had already lost interest. Tear.

And here's last year. I just borrow Suz's kids to substitute for mine since hers are still little.

Can't wait to see all the pictures of the costumes. And I'll have some great ones to share with y'all tomorrow of Crystal and Suz's kids. I don't know if Joseph will dress up or not, but I know Ethan will. And Suz's kids had a party to go to last night, so they've already done the dress-up thing once. They looked UNREAL! I tell ya, Suz really missed her calling in life. She should have been a costume designer or something.
Till tomorrow, hope you get all the Reese cups, Snicker bars, Twix, Paydays, candy corn, bubble gum,Tootsie Roll pops and Smarties your trick-or-treat pumpkin can hold. And no apples or raisins, please.


suzanne said...

Oh, I had the BEST time looking at those. There were a few good years missing, but I forgive you.
I was reading the best and worst candy for Halloween list, and yep, raisins and apples were on there. Surprisingly, so were Smarties, plain Hershey's bars, Tootsie Rolls, dum-dums, and candy corn. Most of those I agree with. HAPPY HALLOWEEN and thanks for the walk down memory lane.

billypandnikkysmom said...

So nice, I love looking back at old pictures, sorry it's raining again....have a spooktacular night anyway!

Theresa said...

Perfect Halloween Post for she who loves to look back at pictures from years gone by! Love all those kids and the costumes! Love you and gotta go transform from Super Ganky to Crackity Ann!

wendy said...

You are right --halloweens PAST as per PRESENT ---because when the kids are all grown and gone and their are no more kids coming to your house for candy......what's the point.

SO--------you go to where the FUN is. Last year I had halloween at my daughters (see Emma on my sidebar and go visit her blog)
and we had chili dinner, I dressed up as a witch for the grandkids and they loved it, and being around them made it FUN again.

This year was a DUD -------no candy, very few decorations, no kids,

Oh, and sorry, dare I say I watched the Georgia/Florida game on saturday. I HATE FLORIDA if that is any consolation to you.

Joyce said...

I love the KISS costume and the 1/2 man - 1/2 woman! Very clever!!! I know the feeling about Halloween. Gotta adopt some little ones for the Holidays! ;D xoxo

nan kelly said...

Next year we have to make it fun. It was a yucky weekend all the way around. Now all the halloween stuff has to come down. I think only you and jeff saw mine and I never saw yours. Ronnie thinks I already took it down. I put one thing up. Oh my...then it's Christmas. I want to be little again!

Nana said...

Halloween past was lots of fun!
I loved looking at your pics.

Our Halloween night was lame, but we have had a lot of fun this whole month so I can't complain!