Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Certified and Bona Fide

One hundred percent, card-carrying NUT. My beloved BlackBerry Pearl died on me about two weeks ago. This was a phone that I had had for over two years. We had shared many wonderful experiences together. The beach. The mountains. Countless shopping trips. Cookouts, picnics, the gym. So many, many good times. It was so unfortunate when our relationship was forced to an ending because of a stupid trackball.

So despite my wonderful relationship with my BlackBerry, my heart was leaning toward a new companion. I was interested in the Motorola Droid. I researched it. I talked to people who had it. Read lots of reviews. Seemed like it was a great choice. I envisioned a long, exciting future together. So I bought it.

It was heavy in my hand. Bulky. Very conspicuous. Because you see, there are times when one needs an inconspicuous phone. I could not see me and Motorola Droid on the beach. It was not the mate destined to share my life.
So I went back to the Verizon store intent on getting a new BlackBerry. But after talking with the salesman, decided against it. Instead I purchased the smaller, less conspicuous HTC Droid Eris. Paid the $35 restocking fee for the Motorola to go back on the shelf.

Wow. It was fast. It could access the internet with blazing speed. Had so many cool apps, I myself began to feel cool. Great ringtones. My new partner was going to make me an expert in the card game of Spades. Seemed like the perfect relationship was budding.
But perfect it was not. The touchscreen keypad was giving me fits. I could not type on it with any accuracy at all. My normally typo-filled text messages were now nearly beyond recognition. Even for Suz. No, Droid, I'm sorry. It wasn't going to work out.
So yesterday I went back to the Verizon store. This time I was serious about getting a new BlackBerry. My unfaithfulness had cost me dearly. In patience and in cash as I had to pay another $35 for the HTC Droid to go back in its box to await a new companion.
I got the BlackBerry Curve. So light. So familiar. It was like I had brought home an old friend.
So what's the problem you ask. Well, it's simple. I HATE IT! Yes, Suz, you read that right. I HATE IT. It's slow as syrup on a cold morning. It has none of the cool apps that the Droid did. It feels like a toy phone after holding that beautiful Droid in my hand. It just doesn't feel right. I don't have the bond that I need with my cell phone. You see, my phone really is my companion. It must go back. I'm going to get on my hands and knees and beg the Verizon dude to give me back my HTC Droid and beg, beg, beg him not to charge me $35 to put the Curve back on the shelf.
That my friends is why I'm for sure a certified, bona fide NUT. Don't you all agree?
Till next time. Wish me luck~!


suzanne said...

I must say I am not surprised. No one who knows you will be! It is hard to know what will work best for you when it comes to cell phones. They are your best friend for two years after all. Go back and pick up your baby Droid, and don't look back -- and don't think about it anymore. Just think of all the good times and memories the two of you will share :-)
HEE-HEE!!!!! Love ya!


I love this post. You are my kind of nut. I can see me doing the exact same thing.

Joyce said...

You are not crazy at all. Cell's are so personal! I had to give up my favorite and I hated the new one. Gave it to my grandson. Got a new one and I am doing ok with it... but I miss my old one. I guess I'll get used to it. I am not a creature of change.

Theresa said...

Funny how we are so connected to our cellphones:) You aren't nuts but I sure hope the Verizon dude gives you the phone you want. I bet you will get the droid EVEN if you have to pay again! Have a springy day Dear Niece!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Umm....why on earth do they charge you 35.00 to put something back on the shelf? Offer to put it there for them! Maybe that will work! I have to tell you I was cringing thinking you ended up with a Storm! You know I hate mine and can not wait to get my discount in June! The problem is I have to do Blackberry because of our Company Server! Not a ton of great choices. What can you do? I hope they give you a break with the phone and I certainly hope you love it! Have a great day!

Becky said...

I agree you are a Nut! But I am a nut too! I bought a LG Dare hated it, took it back and went back to my old phone. Missed it went back and got my Dare again and we are happy. Now I am afraid of it getting broke and having to go to another kind of phone! Uggh... you are not alone ;-)

Cindy Lou said...

Well I have only had the blackberry curve and I love it!! I can't imagine something happening to it!! You are not NUTS you just like what you like and that is just the way it is!!! I sure hope you don't have to pay more money!! Have a great evening!! Love ya!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh Kelly, I know exactly what you Billy had to have the Palm when he came home for Thanksgiving 2008, we were all due for upgradess so off we went....he got the palm I got me a cute little LG Gare...touch screen super fast LOVED LOVED LOVED ~ do you know where that phone is now JAPAN!!! Yes, I didn't get there but my LG did..Billy hated the palm talked me into trading so I did I hated it and now I am back to my OLDDDDD Cell no internet, no nothing!!! WAiting on the next upgrade!!!!!

wendy said...

I am glad you got your new carpet in. Do we get pictures??
I can't relate with the whold cell phone, blackberry thing.
I am a technological IDIOT.....I don't even have a cell phone of any kind right now.
never did text
it is all so confusing.