Thursday, October 28, 2010

Outside My Window

Happy Fall, y'all! I made some pictures of the views outside my window a couple of days ago and tried for the longest time to post them. Blogger was having one of its fits and wouldn't let me. I decided I'd share them today because they're just too darned pretty not to remember.

The dogwood. Can you believe the color of those leaves? As I've said so many times about other colors in nature, you just don't find those colors in the box. Those come directly from God's hand.
Don't want to forget what my scarecrow looked like this year. Thank heaven Halloween is this weekend, although I could leave her up longer I guess. Her pom pom has fallen out and she looks like she'd like a break from the weather.

Speaking of the weather. This fall has had the weirdest weather I can remember. It seems like it's never going to get cool. Yesterday according to my car it was 87 degrees outside. That's too hot for fall. When it's over, it's over. Summer 2010 is over, so it's time she move on and let Autumn 2010 move in.
I don't know what kind of tree this beauty is, but it's one of my favorites. I can see it out of my bathroom window and I always look forward to its color every year.

And with the warm temps, even some of my summer flowers are hanging on to their beauty. This hibiscus out by the pool braved the scorching summer and continues to hang on, still bringing on new blooms.

I made this wreath out of some of my hydrangeas. I think dried hydrangeas are so pretty. And they are so durable too. The flowers on the wreath have not dropped their petals and still look so pretty to me.

This is outside the door coming into my house. And I mean it, too!

With two boys and a hubby who just won't take his shoes off before coming inside, I have to be witchy sometimes.
Hope you've got lots of fall beauty outside your window, too!
Till next time...


Theresa said...

Hi there Kelly Kelly, it is always nice to see your cute face pop up on my sidebar:) I have so much Autumn beauty at my house and other than the heat, I am enjoying it all! It is so hot today, I had to turn my air back on and I don't like to do that!

I love your mat! Too cute!

Enjoy your evening! Hope you are having something tasty for dinner!

Love you! Auntie T

Cindy Lou said...

Love the beautiful colors on the trees and I know that I will enjoy them much more once the weather cools off!!! I think that the cool weather may be coming soon!!

Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!