Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did She or Didn't She

Hello there! Apparently I missed the documentary on TLC entitled "Crazy for Pippa." Do you remember her? She was the beautiful bridesmaid and sister of Princess Kate Middleton. She was gorgeous. Almost as pretty as the Princess herself. She has such a beautiful figure, and it was showed off quite nicely in her bridesmaid dress. Well... rumor has it that she padded her derriere for the royal wedding!

Not sure I believe it, but I wouldn't be surprised. That's a problem I wouldn't mind having, but no amount of working out seems to be making a flat bottom out of this apple bottom of mine.

And then in another scandalous (ha) story, Grazia magazine has reportedly admitted to using Photo Shop to make Kate's waist appear EVEN smaller for their latest magazine cover.

The waist depicted in the magazine cover is so small, I don't see how it would accommodate the necessary organs a member of the Royal Family needs to live!

As beautiful as Kate was, and as tiny as her waist was, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE NEED TO MAKE THIS WAIST SMALLER?

Some people are never satisfied, I guess. Padded booties and doctoring pictures to make waists that are already tiny even smaller. I don't get it. I betcha there's a man involved in there somewhere.

Till next time...


Theresa said...

Yep, no padding needed on my booty! I think Pippa looked amazing at the wedding:) The waistline is teeny tiny already, why would you want to make it look like a pencil? Kate is gorgeous just like she is!

Enjoy your day sweet Niece! Love you!

Cindy Lou said...

I need no padding on the booty area but would like to make the waist much smaller!! But beautiful Kate needs nothing done to her!!

Love you!

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