Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep Moving

I'm returning after yet another "blog break." To be honest, I have gotten so discouraged trying to upload pictures and blah, blah, blah, that I just lost patience with my blog. I ended up feeling so frustrated every time I would try to post.

Anyway, I'm going to start writing again. I don't know if I even have anyone who cares anymore. But I know that I'll be sorry if I don't, because I don't keep a diary of any sort. Considering that I type as major part of my job, typing is much easier than hand writing in a diary or a journal.

I'm also considering paying someone to make a custom blog design for me. The only problem with that is that I like to change so often, so I worry that might be expensive. We'll see.

If anyone reads this, thanks for reading, and also a big, huge thanks to Carolynn at Makin' Cute Blogs. She may be just the one I contact about making a custom design. She has lots of cute ideas, including the adorable picture that I used above. What a coincidence that it's just how I feel right about now.

And as always, till next time.


Barbo said...

I missed you sweet girl

Theresa said...

I'm still here and I STILL care:) I have missed you! I enjoy my blog so much and have you to thank for it! I can go back to this day last year or birthdays/holidays past and see pictures and remember feelings that I had that day! There are happy and sad but it is what it is! I have SO many precious friends that I have met via this blog... lifetime type friends! Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now:) THANKS!

Love you bunches, Auntie Theresa

Barbara said...

Yes I am too, have missed you, and hope you keep blogging, I know I get so busy I have a hard time keeping up with my blog too, I sure understand, hugs

suzanne said...

Yay!! so happy to see you again :0)

Cindy Lou said...

I am so happy to see your blogs again!! Love you bunches!!!