Monday, August 22, 2011

A Special Birthday

Saturday night the entire Kelly family celebrated the 90th birthday of our patriarch, Ed Kelly.  Ed is a wonderful man.  He's a World War II veteran, husband to Jean for 64 years, fathered five sons, grandfather to seven grandchildren, great-grandfather to three great-grandkids.  He's done a heck of a lot of living in his 90 years.

The party wasn't a surprise.  When we began to plan the party, he was very adamant that he DID NOT want a party.  He said he was a 90-year-old and thought a birthday party for someone his age would be silly.  We DID NOT agree.  We had a lovely party for a very, very special person.  Here are some photos of the celebration.
Jean and Ed arriving at the party.  I hope I look that good when I'm 90!

Two special ladies; my mom and my mom-in-law.  Notice Jean is holding her arm.  She fell shortly after they arrived.  She is at the doctor at this moment having it X-rayed and Jeff just told me that it IS BROKEN.  :-(
Two special men; my dad and the guest of honor, my father-in-law.
The cake table.  Also on this table were the medals Ed was awarded during the war.  I made him a scrapbook with all of his old Army pictures.  The original pictures were quite small, so I enlarged them to 8x10 size.  I think that's a more enjoyable size for a 90-year-old, don't you?
His delish birthday cake.  I ate so much cake that the next morning, I felt like I smelled like cake frosting.  It was very good.

His medals from the war.  One is the Distinguished Flying Cross.  I loved looking at the medals and thinking about all the history behind each one.  So special.
My young Kelly boys; Ross and Cam. 

Four very handsome Kellys.  Cam, Jeff, Ed and Ross.

Thanking everyone for coming.

The daughters-in-law.  Me, Ed, Nan and Sherry.

After he blew out his candles.  I hope he wished for many more birthdays!

Ed and one of his Army buddies.  Have you ever seen such happy smiles?  That generation is one that, in my opinion, will never be duplicated.  It was truly The Greatest Generation.

I picked this up at Wal-Mart.  It's a poster frame with a big mat for people to sign.  I then used a couple more mats to get it down to a 4x6 picture size.  I loved the idea, if I do say so myself. 

My sweet Aunt Theresa,, who always goes the extra mile with everything she does, brought this pretty present to him.  His invitation was part of the wrapping.  So clever.

My hubby and his daddy.  Do you see a resemblance?

The Kelly fam.
I feel so lucky to be part of that sweet family.

Till next time, XO. 


suzanne said...

I loved the pictures! They were big. I am sorry I could not make it, but it doesn't look like I was missed much.
Love ya!

Theresa said...

Suzanne, you were missed:)

Kelly, I enjoyed the party, I ALWAYS enjoy parties especially when I get to chat with your Mom and Dad! I adore Ed and Jean and all of the Kelly's! They are just members of OUR family after all of these years! I feel like I have known them forever! Ed always sits and chats with me, I love him for that... reminds me of my Daddy and how they would enjoy chatting! There was a room full of people and he sat down and talked, telling jokes! What a guy!

I loved getting him a little gift and decorating it... you know I love doing that! I knew that the invitation asked for NO GIFTS but a 90 year old man deserves a gift from me:)

Love you bunches and thanks for sharing these pictures and these wonderful loved ones with me!

sophia smith said...

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Buttercup said...

Came to visit from Ganky's. What great pictures and what a great party. Wishes for many more happy celebrations.