Monday, March 5, 2012

The D Word

After church yesterday, I came home and got my cold weather gear on and went to Dacula to watch Reid play in a single-elimination tournament.  After the very mild winter we've had, 46 degrees with 16 mile per hour wind felt frigid! 

I'm at a strange juncture in my life these days.  My kids aren't kids anymore, so they rarely need me for anything, other than my debit card and maybe to pick up a few groceries, and I don't have any grandkids to consume my time.    It's an odd place to be.  Kind of an empty nest feeling, even though my next ain't empty.

Hence, the reason that I bundled up and drove 45 minutes to watch Reid play one baseball game.  I got to spend time with Suz and I enjoyed watching the game, even if my teeth were chattering.

I have started dieting again.  I did a boot camp at the gym back in the fall and over the course of six weeks of hard dieting and hard workouts, I only managed to lose THREE pounds.  I was so disappointed.  But I kept on with my workouts and I exercise about 7-8 hours a week.  Spin class, strength training, yoga, etc.  My weight will NOT budge.  I've had my hormones checked, and of course, they're all out of whack, but what woman's isn't really?  My thyroid is fine.  I just don't get it.  It's frustrating.

In 2010 Cam lost 78 pounds completely on his own and he's kept every pound of it off!  He worked out like a fiend and ate fruits, veggies, and lean meat and fish.  Any carbs he ate came from the natural stuff.  Now, I know he's 20, he's a guy, and his metabolism isn't screwed up like mine is, but still.  So I'm trying his diet out.  Starting it today.  He's very, very encouraging.  He reached a plateau and couldn't lose anything for about two weeks.  He was frustrated, but stuck with it, and then he started losing again.  He says he doesn't understand why people hate diets.  He liked it.  He said he loved seeing the positive changes each week.  I gotta start thinking like him.  Assuming, of course, that there will be positive changes each week.  Ha!  We shall see!

So till next time, peeps, if you've got a diet secret that hasn't made its way into mainstream media, pass it along.  I'm all ears!

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Theresa said...

Oh it is a constant battle with the weight thing! The older I get, the harder it is to drop a few pounds! If you get it all figured... let me know:)

We sat out in the chilly, windy weather yesterday too for THREE games! It was brutal! A lady at Church yesterday said "I know you're happy that your Grandson (Justin) is home from Afghanistan"! I said he was kinda like my Grandson, so your Nieces and Nephews are kinda like your Grandkids! Don't we love them?

The Hormones are always weird after a certain age:( SAD but TRUE!

Love you bunches!