Friday, March 30, 2012

Your Momma's Cold Cream

I've always been a huge fan of Lancome facial care products.  Every year I ask my mother-in-law for a large bottle of the cleansing cream.  It's so smooth and creamy.  I always apply it sparingly, rather than liberally as I would like to do because it is so expensive.  I don't like to spend that much money on something to wash my face.  Even though I know that's one of the most important steps in good skin care.  

Last year while we were on vacation, I ran out of my travel size Lancome cleansing cream or "milk" as it's so affectionately and accurately, I might add, called.  On Tybee, there's no Wal-Mart or Target or even a chain drugstore.  There are these little convenient stores owned by the Chus.  

The convenient stores owned by the Chus didn't have anything like Lancome cleansing milk on their shelves.  But washing my face each and every night and sometimes more than once during the day required me to have some sort of gentle cleansing cream.  So enter this lovely blue jar.

 It got me through the rest of my vacation with a clean and refreshed face every night.  When I got home from vacation, I just put it in my drawer with all of the other makeup, face creams and hair products that aren't in my regular routine.

I'm not sure why, but the other day I came across the pretty blue jar of  Noxema.  Just for kicks and giggles, I washed my face with it that night.  Love.  It made my face feel so fresh and clean.  The scent alone sent me over the moon.  Of course, I still use my Lancome eye makeup remover (there is NO eye makeup remover better.  Of this I am sure).  Sticking my fingers in the jar of whipped, creamy Noxema is a fun thing to do in and of itself.  Massaging the cool and refreshing cream on my face cleans all trace of makeup and leaves my face feeling sparkly clean and fresh.  Heck, with the pollen and nasal issues I've had, the cooling fragrance even opens up my sinuses a little bit.  It's a win-win!

Now, I can't swear that I'm looking lovelier than I was 10 days ago, as this old ad for Noxema claims, but I am loving my less expensive face cleanser!  And I can use a good dollop of it without feeling guilty!

I'll take it on vacation with me this summer and if I get sunburned, well, I'll just bring out my little jar of Noxema.  Apparently, it's good for sunburns, too!

So yes, it's an old product.  Might even be considered an old lady product, but this young chick likes it!  If you haven't washed your face with it before, try it.  It's inexpensive and you'll like it.  I promise.

Till next time, loves, Live, Love, Laugh!  And wash that face every night before bed.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the tip! I thought you were looking younger and smelling fresher:) I love trying new things and even OLD things! This YOUNG chick will certainly give it a try! BIG HUGS and happy weekend!

Julie said...

I saw your picture on "Ganky's" blog and had to click and see what you were posting...I LOVE Noxzema cold cream for washing my face. It is actually in my shower, and I use it every single morning just because it wakes up my skin!! I was using this stuff in JUNIOR HIGH!! I'm a long time consumer/user of it, so I came over to say RAH! I use different products at night for taking off all the makeup but this IS DA STUFF for me every morning!! Hands down. I am a DEVOTED FAN. Just wanted to say I'm with ya! :-)
**ps and you are right - great for sunburn. ~ I like the idea of using a "vintage product" too. ;-)

new life serena said...

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