Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sure is Ugly

This afternoon, I decided to take a stroll around my yard just to see what was blooming and just to get an idea of how much "spring cleaning" our yard is going to need. I found out that we've got a WHOLE lot of spring cleaning to do.  In fact, we've got more spring cleaning to do than we've got strong backs to do!

But it wasn't all a mess.  Look at this pretty little wildflower growing right in the middle of the leaves and vines along the edge of our woods.  It looks like a  purple wild vinca.

Purple vinca?

Along the edges of the woods, just growing wild.

Wonder what sleeps in here at night?

Or here!  Eeeeek!

This tree has blooms, but they're still locked up tight.  I think the bark looks cool.

Jeff and Cam transplanted my hydrangeas for me.  I'm so excited that they are surviving the transplant and have a good bit of new growth coming on.  Not sure they'll bloom this year or not, but I've sure got my fingers crossed.  These flowers are my pride and joy.  If they bloom in the front yard where I can see them all the time, my heart will be smiling for sure!

Hydrangeas after transplant.

This is where I put my scarecrows last fall.  They were up against the tree, sitting on hay bales.  Well, I guess that wasn't such a good idea.  Now, the area where the hay bales was is growing nice, new, green grass!  And lots of it!  It's not supposed to be growing here.

Pressure washer needed here.  And also need to get dirty and pull the weeds!

Leaves in the ditch!

OMGosh, my mailbox.  The biggest eyesore in my yard.  Needs a new post, weeds pulled and just some general landscaping.

And I could also use a new mailbox since the door won't stay shut on mine.  Please excuse Bandit's rear end.  She didn't know I was making a picture.

The house across the street is being foreclosed, so it's abandoned right now.  If Jeff or I don't go over and pick junk up out of the yard and driveway, it just stays there.  Like this garbage can lid that was blown over last week.

Pretty camellia!  Only one bloom, but hey, we're working on it.

Camellia March 2012
 These are azaleas I got from MaMa Kimball in South Georgia.  They look like they're going to bloom, but they also have an area that was nipped by the frost or something.  A section on each bush is dead.  :-(

Crepe Myrtles.  I have a definite love-hate relationship with these bushes.  They are still very much dormant.  And also very ugly!

Some jonquils that came up and didn't bloom.  A nice, healthy patch of weeds, and a driveway that needs pressure washed.

Where the hydrangeas were transplanted from.  Whoa, does this area need help!

Tulips peeking up.  These bulbs were probably set out 10 years ago.

A Zip-loc bag floating in the pool, which desperately needs sweeping and cleaned.

This and that coming up.

Sweet tea olive.  Smells so nice.

 Bulldog that needs pressure washed, along with the entire pool area!  I thought concrete was white!  Mine's sure not.

Japanese Maple tree that could've used pruning over the winter.  Oh, well, hang in there.  Maybe next year you will be groomed.

Frogs that need either A.  Painting or B. Replacing.  I'm leaning towards replacement.  And the outside pool light fixture needs some sprucing up, too!

Hydrangea that wasn't moved.  This one has quite a bit more new growth than the ones that were transplanted.  This one is getting moved next winter.

 Pool plumbing!  What to do, what to do!  So ugly.

 Oak leaf hydrangeas nearly choked out from the ivy.  And the dead leaves.

 Every time I look out my bathroom windows, I see these nice people.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked out and thought, who is that in my yard!  They live in the shed.  With a lot of firewood and other junk.

 Moss.  Feels like carpet on your feet.  I like it.

 Poor, empty flower pot.  Only thing in it right now are a few empty acorns where the pesky squirrels have been hanging out.

Gross!  Air-conditioner area.  Right beside the stairs to the deck.  See the little daylillies coming up.  Need massive landscape here!

 Deck needs stained.

 Rosebush that I cut down to the ground about a year ago.  And weeds.

When's Easter?  What a perfect pile of weeds to hide eggs in.

 The garden.  Heaven help us!  This one's gonna take a while!

 Dirt pile.  Personally, I don't think this is good dirt, especially since it's FULL of weeds!

 I'm not sure why we have this piece of equipment, because we don't have a tractor.  But we could sure use one right about now!

We need a new lawnmower and a new pressure washer.  Y'all know that I totally have a love affair with pressure washers.  That's my OCD for sure! Love that white concrete!

Okay, girls, how does your yard look?  Does it have a lot of work to be done?  Do you need a yard boy or ten, also?

Till next time.


suzanne said...

omg! I should go around my yard and you wouldn't feel so bad. I cannot believe how ugly and dirty everything gets over the winter. But the good thing is all the yards look just as neglected. Love you and enjoyed the walk :)

suzanne said...

omg! I should go around my yard and you wouldn't feel so bad. I cannot believe how ugly and dirty everything gets over the winter. But the good thing is all the yards look just as neglected. Love you and enjoyed the walk :)

Theresa said...

Well, I am laughing out loud! You entertain me SO when you aren't even trying!

I have SO many areas in my yard that need work! I have made a list but haven't really gotten started! My garden has been tilled up! Marc has been working on that! Spring is certainly coming soon, blooms and buds are popping!

It is sad about the house across the street:( Hopefully you will get some nice neighbors to live there!

Jeff had better eat him some Wheaties... lots of work to do!

Love you and like Suzanne, I enjoyed the walk:)