Saturday, May 9, 2015

Let's Paint

Last night I went to the monthly paint class at Highland. We were doing something called mixed media art. It's where you use different textures, paper and other stuff to complete your painting. We've painted a pumpkin, a Christmas tree and a bird on a snowy branch in the previous classes. Tonight was the hardest yet, but it was also the most fun. I defintely want to try a painting here at home.

We had to make a lot of choices with this painting. What colors, what paper, what textures, etc. I am not good at making choices. So we're given a palette of paint.

And then we get this scary blank canvas.
And then after a couple of hours, I ended up with this. It's nothing great, but I actually like it. Everyone's turned out so good, and some were reeeeeealllly good. I enjoy watching that blank canvas turn into something so pretty.

Alicia has gone with me to all of the classes so far. She and Cam are at Tybee for a little beach weekend getaway. They had a perfect phrase she could've used on her painting. "Don't be afraid to sparkle." She loves sparkly stuff.

I didn't get home until about 9:15, and Jeff had worked outside getting the house and yard spiffed up for Mother's Day, so he hadn't eaten either. We drove down to Freddy's Hamburgers and had the most delicious, sodium-filled cheeseburger ever. And, of course, I had to have a vanilla shake. They do have the best ones, ya know.

I worked in Buckhead, and I had all these fun plans to do when I finished. But there was a terrible plane crash right on 285, so I had to rearrange my plans and really didn't do anything fun at all. Unless you consider spending 3 hours getting a mani/pedi. Which I don't. But my heart and prayers are with the family of the victims of the crash. It killed a father and two of his sons and of the sons' fiancee and a family pet. So sad. Just another reminder how quickly life can change. Not that I need reminding.

Got lots to do today. Farmer's Market, grocery store, planting flowers, helping Jeff finally finish painting the deck. I need some energy. I think all that sodium I ate last night made me sluggish this morning. Oh, well.

Till next time...


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Theresa said...

I really would have loved to painted with you all but I was at the ball field! Yours turned out BEAUTIFUL! Love you, have a blessed day!