Monday, May 4, 2015

Sunday Night Ice Cream Social


Last night the family came over for ice cream cones. It was a special night as it always is when we get together. My house is so quiet now that both Ross and Cam have moved out. I've been surprised that I actually enjoy the peace and quiet. I guess I can enjoy the peacefulness of an empty nest because I know that both my boys are happy. Their happiness fills my heart.

Jeff and I (Jeff mostly) have undertaken a lot of home improvement projects in the recent months. We started by painting Cam's old room and Ross's old room, and their old bathroom. Everything looks so fresh. I admit to sitting in Cam's beloved red and black bedroom and reflecting on things before I could paint over the red and black. As it turned out, we had to hire someone to paint that room. There were 10,967 push pin holes in the walls. We weren't up for spackling all those holes. Plus by the time we got to that room, we were all painted out.

And then over the weekend, we (mostly Jeff) started staining our deck. I did it the last time and it's SOOO much work. Neither of us enjoy painting, but it was a gorgeous weekend and we (mostly Jeff) got a good start. It's going to be so pretty when it's finished.

We are still dealing with my dad's foot problems. But we go to the doctor on Thursday, and I'm praying that the doctor will tell him that he can start putting weight on it. He hasn't walked on his own two feet since late July of last year. I never dreamed that the journey we began almost 10 months ago would last this long. With God's grace and mercy, we have survived it.

My mom actually stopped driving the school bus after 32 years when it became evident that my dad needed her there 24/7. But the county didn't recognize her retirement at that time. They are honoring the county retirees this Thursday. I'm very proud of my mom. She was dedicated to her job. She has been dedicated to my dad. The fact that he's still alive is to her credit. I look forward to honoring her dedication Thursday. And I look forward to honoring her dedication to being my mommy on Mother's Day.

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Theresa said...

Oh the fun those kiddos have at your house:) I pray that Dr. Flash will let your Dad walk on his foot! It is time! I am excited that your Mom gets to have a retirement celebration! She deserves a big 'ole party! She has dedicated her life to helping my Brother and I appreciate it so much! Enjoy this beautiful day dear Kelly! Love you!