Friday, May 8, 2015

Twenty-nine Years Celebrated

The County had a retirement celebration for all the County employees that were retiiring this year.

Linda Howell, that's my mommy! It was a very nice party to honor her, and all the other retirees. I saw Ross and Cam's third grade teacher, who is retiring this year. I also saw Cam's 8th grade football/wrestling coach, and he is retiring this year. MY typing teacher and Office Procedures teacher was there, too. At first I thought she was retiring this year. But she would have to have started working when she was like 10 if that was the case. As it turned out, she is a member of the local retired teachers association.

The County did such a nice job. There was good food and the best chocolate covered strawberries. And obviously, cupcakes.

We got her this pretty little corsage to wear. She was the only one with a corsage and I was so proud. She was proud of it, too.

My mom is such a wonderful, dedicated person. She served the County with all she had. She worked on freezing cold mornings, starting that diesel bus about an hour before she had to leave to make sure it would run okay. She drove the bus on the hottest afternoons in August. She drove while my dad was sick. It was, in fact, her early rising that found him a few times with low sugar incidents. What I'm trying to say is that she was a one-of-a-kind employee. And Henry County was lucky to have her.

And I think they knew it, too. Twenty-nine years, some months, plus two years as a substitute bus driver. Can you imagine? I can't.

One of the world's best aunts, Theresa, came to the celebration. She's been retired for several years, and
she hasn't missed it a bit. She's a BellSouth retiree. She was a lot like my mom in her work eithic.

Crystal took the day off to purchase A NEW CAR!!! And to join us in the celbration.

The County gave the retirees a certificate and a nice pen and pencil set. But what they gave them most was respect, appreciation and lots of well wishes.
We were so proud of her!
When we were leaving to go home, there just so happened to be a school bus. Great photo op.

My mom has a great sense of humor and loves a good laugh. I hope she gets to enjoy more laughs! She
deserves it so much. But this is how she really felt about the bus!!!

Crystal, Suz and I got mom a new ipad. She has a tablet that she has been using since Christmas 2012. It was acting up, so we wanted her to have something that was dependablle and easy to use. I hope she loves it. We showed her as many things as we could. You know, the important stuff; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, of course, my blog,, which is my aunt Theresa's blog. My mom is so smart. She'll figure it all out.

So that's what I did yesterday. That and take my dad to his foot doctor. He still can't put any weight on his foot. The ulcer is about the size of an English pea. It's the same size it was last month. It's just a stubborn spot that won't heal. Keep him in your prayers, that the spot would heal so that he can walk on his own a few steps.

Working in Buckhead today. Hopefully, traffic will be light. I like to work in Buckhead. It's close to lots of great shopping. Alicia and Cam are heading to Tybee for the weekend. I hope they won't have bad weather from that tropical storm brewing out there in the Atlantic.

Stilll working on the back deck. Jeff says it will be finish this weekend. EEK. I can't wait to show you all pictures.

Hope you all have a great Friday. Till next time...


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Theresa said...

What a sweet post! I truly enjoyed being a part of this celebration! Your Mama is one of a kind and I love her to pieces! LOVE the picture with the bus:) It was a perfect evening! Have a blessed and safe day and thanks for being so sweet to your Auntie, I love you to the moon and back!