Monday, March 14, 2016

Just A Little Catching Up

So how can I possibly catch up from May of 2014?  Life has changed in so many ways since then. So I'll just hit the highlights.  I'd really like to write every day, because I know one day I will wish I had kept a better diary of the life of A Girl Named Kelly Kelly.

Since May of 2014, my dad had life threatening illnesses twice.  He beat the odds yet again and is doing better than ever.  My mom is managing her diabetes as best she can and seems to be enjoying her retirement.  They're my mommy and daddy and I love them to the end of the earth.

Ross has a house of his own now and he's engaged and has set a date to get married in November. His fiancee, Jennifer, is perfect for Ross.  She loves animals and they have set up quite a little farm together.  I'm very proud of them.  My Rossy boy grew up into the man I knew he would be.  

Cam and Alicia are doing great.  They've bought a house of their own and have fixed it up and it's just lovely.  Alicia has great taste and Cam has grown into such a responsible young man.  He reminds me so much of his dad.  But the very best thing they've done together is make me a grandmomma and Jeff a poppa.  Grant Cameron Kelly was born on Monday, February 1st, 2016, at 9:09 a.m.  I feel like I've waited my whole life for him.

Today he is six weeks old.  He smiles.  He coos.  And he is growing so much.  He's eleven-and-a-half pounds and he's grown nearly three inches.  He's a long baby.  And to say he's the star of the show and the most in demand person in the family would be a strong understatement.

My sisters are doing great.  Crystal is still working hard every day, cooks supper for her family every night.  Suz works hard and takes care of the three kids.  My sisters are my heroes.  They are my commonsense when I have none.  They are my conscious when I don't have one.  They are my advisers when I need advice.  I don't know what in the world I'd ever do without them.

The kids are all growing up and living and loving their lives. Reid graduates this May.  He plans to go to Kennesaw State in the fall.  He has a very sweet girlfriend and she seems so suitable for him.  It's so fun to watch young love.  There's nothing better.  Well, except for old love, I guess.

Alayna is working so hard to keep her grades in the top percentile of her class.  She has a very responsible babysitting job, loves to watch TV with her mom and plans to go to UGA in 2017.  I hope she won't mind her aunt's numerous visits!  She's beautiful, inside and out.  And she's her mom's daughter for sure, but she's my girl!

Joseph works for a diesel truck place.  He has a great job and is so handsome, kind and thoughtful. He's gonna be a fine catch for some lucky girl.

Ethan is a sophomore and is very involved in his social life right now.  He has lots of friends and is playing baseball for the school.  Super tall and handsome.  And there's not a gator fan anywhere in the world that I love more than him.

Eli is one of a kind.  He's super smart.  Smart beyond his years.  He's a busy boy and is great at everything he attempts.  Dentistry, orthodontics or radiologist are his long-term career goals. Whatever he decides to do, I'm sure he'll be the very best at it.

 Jeff and I will celebrate 29 years together this July.  What would my life be without him?  I can't even imagine.  I love him more every single day.  It's been amazing to watch our lives evolve and change.  He's better to me than I could ever deserve.

 My forever Valentine.

We hiked the mountain last week.  I didn't think I was gonna make it.  I accepted it was going to be the first time in all the times we've been that I wouldn't make it to the top.  But my motivator pushed me and we made it.

I try to spend a night each week at the Parks house.  I enjoy the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.  Jeff is so good to me and completely understands that need, so I go with his blessing.  This weekend, while Crystal was working concession stand ALL WEEKEND, Suz and I made a little Easter art.

We still get together on Sunday nights for supper as often as we can.  I'm blessed with a family that loves each other so much and enjoys each other's company.  I think our kids are not only cousins, but they're also the best of friends.  It makes my heart overflow with happiness when we are all together.  
Everyone was over last night.  We had a fire in the firepit and Jeff grilled hot dogs.  Suz made a cookie cake and it was a wonderful night, full of laughter and surprises.  I think I shocked my kids, my nephews and my niece when I ate a raw egg.  Hey, Ethan and Eli did it.  They didn't think I would, but I showed them.  It really wasn't too bad.  Now if I get salmonella, that'll be another story.

Anyway, now that I've figured out how to get into my blog to post, I hope to do it more often.  I need to follow my aunt Theresa.  She posts almost every single day and what a wonderful diary of her life she has kept.  I want to do that, too. Even if I have no readers, I'll still have it for myself.  And that's too awesome not to do.

So till next time...

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Theresa said...

You got me:). I love keeping up with you and your sweet family! Lots of great memories over this past year. Lots of exiting events to come. I love you and look forward to seeing your blog pop up on my sidebar:)