Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When Things Don't Go As Planned

Last night was the season finale of the Bachelor.  It was definitely my favorite season of the show.  I really liked Bachelor Ben and was so happy with the choice he made.  I hope they stay together.  

So Suz and Nayna have these season finale Bachelor parties.  Well, I say party.  It's really just the two of them, but, hey, they make a party.  Suz makes all this fun party food and punch and they eat and watch the Bachelor.  Last night I had planned to make the trip to join the party.  Ran into a few snags with work, which would've thrown me into driving up there in rushhour traffic.  Just couldn't do it.  Turns out it was a blessing that I didn't go because the show lasted THREE hours!  I would've been soo late driving home.  But I was sad the whole night that I was going to miss the party.  Suz sent me a couple of pictures so that I wouldn't feel too left out.

Snicker dip with apples.  

How good does this pizza bread look?

But instead of eating the yummy food and watching the Bachelor with my two of my faves, this is how I watched it.  But at least I didn't have to drive home at midnight.  :-(

Since I didn't get to go to Buford, I did make a trip to Kelleytown to visit this little lump o' sugar!  I stayed a couple of hours.  Alicia is so sweet to put up with her mother in law stopping by and staying for hours!  I'm so thankful for that.  

I took him outside and showed him his backyard.  Put his little feet in the grass and showed him a squirrel (he was unimpressed), but enjoyed being outside.  Then I went inside and we watched his mommy clean his closet out.  That little thing has grown like crazy.  I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen with my own eyes how many of his clothes don't fit anymore!  

 He mostly favors Alicia to me, but lately, he's looking a little more like baby Cameron.  What do you think?  He sleeps a lot of times with the most serious look on his face.  Cam made the same expression when he was a sleeping baby.  I think that babies are one of God's greatest gifts!  

So by the time I got home from my visit with Grant, Cam and Alicia, this was the beautiful sunset and sky.  Breathtaking.  Another one of God's gifts.

 And so at the end of the day, even though it didn't go exactly as I had planned, I felt very, very lucky and BLESSED.

Till next time...

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Theresa said...

My saying I use a lot lately "I can't be everywhere"! I know that Suz and Alayna missed having you with them! I don't watch the Bachelor but did watch the end:) I thought both of the girls were SO pretty. I hope they stay together too! I know you are enjoying your precious Grandson, I see both Cameron and Alicia in him:) Enjoy your day sweet Niece of mine! I love you and always happy to see you here OR ANYWHERE:)