Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yesterday I went crazy.

And that caused me to do something, which I wrote of here and declared never to do again.
But the paint was so irresistible. It looked like melted caramel in the bucket.
Deer Path it was called. I learned of it from a fellow blogger, who inspired me to do some improvements in the boys' bathroom.
It is a small room, of course, so it should be such an easy project. I went at it with a good attitude. Optimistic I was. Eager. Excited. All of which were short lived. After about 10 minutes, I was wishing I had never started. A ladder in a room that size isn't safe. Painting in your slippers isn't safe either. I am learning lessons all along the way in the course of my painting adventures. Some things I have learned are:
1. Never ask for the opinion of your kids. They will vary greatly and all will be intended to discourage you. Example: I asked Cam what he thought of the paint. He replied that he would like it more if it were darker. Before I could even ask Ross what he thought, he asked me why did I use such a dark color. Help me.
2. As I said before, never paint in your house slippers. Especially brand-new ones that you bought while you were out shopping after a depo wearing shoes that were killing you.
3. Always wear something to cover your hair. After many washings, you will still have paint in your hair if you don't. BTW, my scarf had a big paint spot on it when I took it off. Some lessons I do learn.
4. Get rags for mistakes. In my case, get MANY rags. Wet ones and dry ones.
5. Make sure you have everything you need before you get stuck in a small room with a ladder.
6. Remove everything from the room, if possible. I found myself moving things from one place to the other. Finally I just put it all in the tub. Which was great until I needed to get in the tub to paint around it.
7. Stretch. You will inevitably find yourself contorted in the most unusual positions.
8. Take a nerve pill before beginning any paint project.
Look closely at the picture below. It further proves that yesterday I went off my rocker.
Yes, you are correct. That is a whole chicken in that pot. I don't really DO whole chickens. I only eat white meat. The mere thought of handling a whole chicken grosses me out. But yesterday, while I was temporarily insane, I bought a whole chicken to make chicken and dumplings.
I called my mom and asked her how she made hers. When she was going through the whole spiel about how she makes her dumplings, I asked her if she'd ever used these.
Her reply was that she didn't even know they made them. My mama rolls hers out from scratch. What a woman.
I made semi-homemade chicken and dumplings. Ross said they were almost as good as my mom's. Jeff thought I should've broken the dumplings in pieces. I said I hoped they enjoyed them because I won't be making anymore anytime soon. BTW, if someone ever serves you chicken and dumplings, consider yourself loved. They are a lot of work. And I was so sick of that chicken, I didn't eat a bite of them.
Today I'm back to my old self again. I have a few other rooms I'd like to get painted before the holidays. I think I'll call my dad. He's a professional, you know. He doesn't even have to wear a scarf.
Till next time. Happy Tuesday!


suzanne said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE the new header picture. I can't wait to show Nayna!
Bless your heart, I feel for ya with those boys. They could make a saintly woman go mad (just joking, kinda).
The color is just what I thought, very pretty. And you look so worker-girlish with your bandana on.
Oh, and our mama, I tell ya, what
an amazing woman cooking all that stuff from scratch. Daddy wouldn't know how to function at a regular house where people actually buy pre-made stuff, would he?
Enjoyed the new post and hated to see it end.
Love ya much, much!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Great post! I have been in those situations too! You gotta laugh at yourself, though. I always get in that moment and just crack up! Partially to keep from crying at the mess I have created. It is all worth it. I wish they could have agreed on the color, though. What happened to telling your Momma what she wants to hear??!! I have that issue at home! Have a great day and show us the bathroom when you are all finished!

barbo said...

I am glad to see you painting, another howell trait. It is a gift to be able to paint even if you get it in your hair. This brings back a memory Brenda wanted green for her wedding so being the good sister i am i painted everything in sight green for her reception the night before her wedding which i hosted at my green hill home love you

Theresa said...

Happy you are practicing painting:) We'll be calling all hands soon at Barbos...I actually love the color and your Daddy is the kingpin of painters! Love you and the dumplings sound delish. Youe Mama has got your Daddy spoiled rotten-but he deserves it. Have a wonderful day-your new page is mah-velous!

Becky said...

Just found your blog.
I also hate to touch or look at raw chicken!
I love to paint til' I start to paint.
LOVE TYBEE, I thought it was my island, guess I have to share;-)

Have a great day!

billypandnikkysmom said...

I love that color, those boys don't know what they're talking about, LOL! I know what you mean about going temporarily insane, it happens to me quite often, hehehehe ~ and like you I then stop and ask myself WHY WHY are you doing this to yourself AGAIN :)!

Cindy Lou said...

Painting again...you are so brave!! And it was a great color...ignore those boys!! You keep up the great painting and get those other rooms done...you can do it! Enjoyed the blog! My updater is broken!

Rita said...

Don't ask me how I happened upon your blog, but I can never attend a family Thanksgiving without bringing my chicken and noodles. My now-adult nieces and nephews would toss me out of the house if I didn't bring them.

Luckily it's an Amish or Menonite recipe that doesn't require drying so they are closer to chicken and dumplings.

The most time consuming part is making the homemade broth, which YES, does include raw chickens.

And yes, I consider it a labor of love. Keep at it.

Joyce said...

I love your posts! When I first started reading it I am thinking "Wait a minute, where is her daddy? Isn't he a painter? Didn't she learn from him?" lol! I can't wait to see the finished product! You go girl! Don't listen to boys... no taste. Unless you put camouflage on the walls... they would probably not be impressed. Remember... they are husbands in training... just haven't learned the tact yet. ;D Love you! xoxo ... LOVE your header!!!!! And I don't like whole chickens either. I buy the boneless/skinless breasts because they don't look like they are going to get up and run away!