Friday, February 19, 2010

Where'd It Go

It comes in. It goes out. Sometimes it goes out before it comes in.

Let's see. This week the computer repair is $120. The garage door opener replacement is $250. We have to have Mr. Bossy (more commonly known as the Polaris for the pool) serviced. His get up and go has got up and went. He is not working to his maximum ability. I just hope we don't have to fire him and replace him with a new one. That will really cost me.

In other news, is anyone watching the Olympics? Are you not amazed by these athletes? I mean, I just don't see how they can bust their butts on the snow that looks like slick concrete and not be hurt. When the women snowboarders were competing last night and they just kept falling, I was in awe that every one of them got up and walked away. I guess that's part of their training. How to fall correctly. I should take that lesson.

I guess yesterday must've been a marathon day on Bravo for The Real Housewives of Orange County. Yes, I do watch that show. Shamefully, I admit it. I'd rather have no friends at all than have friends like those housewives. And I think that Alexis has the ugliest husband in the world. He acts like he's all that just because he knows how to order the right bottle of wine for dinner. I think he's cocky. And ugly. One of the housewives said that it's hard living in Orange County. Say what? I haven't seen you do one hard thing the entire time the show's been on. It's entertainment for me, folks. Isn't that sad.

Monday will be seven weeks we've been working out at the gym. I feel stronger. I don't look any different. But the biggest surprise of all has been that I'm enjoying it. I really, really like it. Cam has lost about 12 pounds. He is so strong and has been working so hard. I'm very proud of him. Now every time we eat something that isn't so good for us, he's right there telling us how bad it is for us. Last night we had a hamburger. I told Jeff we'd better hurry and eat it before he came home telling us how awful for us it was. It does make you feel bad when you go and work out so hard and then come home and have a cheeseburger. Oh, well.

So what's everyone got planned for the weekend? It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous here. I wish so bad that we were going on our Deer Land trip this weekend instead of last. There is a movie coming out today that I'm dying to see. Shutter Island.

I like suspenseful movies like that. Jeff prefers comedy, but it takes a lot to make me laugh. And there are very few movies that really make me laugh. Dumb and Dumber, Christmas Vacation are two of my favorite funny ones.

Why am I rambling?

My sweet aunt Brenda (or Benda as I call her) is celebrating her 60th birthday tomorrow night at my other sweet aunt Barbara's (or Barbo as I call her) house. She sure doesn't look 60. And she really doesn't act 60. But what is age anymore anyway? Just a number. She's wearing her number well. I'm excited for her party. Anytime I'm with my family it's a good time.

Okay. Well, everyone have a good weekend. I'm sure going to. I plan on doing a lot of living, loving and laughing. But not at the movies.

Till next time.


suzanne said...

I wrote a big long comment and it wouldn't post!!!
I googled that husband and he is ugly and I hate it when grown men dress like teenagers, and I'm wishing this was deer land weekend, and I'm proud of Cameron, too, he is very determined (unlike me), and I want to see that movie so bad I'll go alone if I have to, and Alayna asked me last night what Lylas meant, only she said it like a word, not l-y-l-a-s and I cracked up, and TGIF and love ya lots, and it it doesn't post this time I just can't redo it again. Whew, how's that for a run-on sentence??

Theresa said...

Love your new background! I feel your pain with the money out the door thing. When my garage door broke before Christmas, $300... I had just spent $900 on my ride. It takes a lot of money to keep stuff going. Anywho, I am home from the doctor, had me some coffee right there in the doctor office:) My weekend is so busy. Circus tonight, tomorrow morning brunch with high school girl friends, party tomorrow night for Brenda, Sunday afternoon keeping Alex and Avery for Tracy and family along with a bunch of Austin's friends to go to Snow Mountain. I think that is all and a busy one for this old gal. I am also proud of you guys for doing all that working out. It takes a lot to get started and then becomes a habit. I think it is OK to eat a little bad as a reward for all that hard work.

Love you and hope your weekend is great.


I love your new look. Tonight I am doing dinner and a movie with one of my BFF's and my daughter and two of her BFF's in Auburn. Saturday is my day with my sweetie and Kat Montgomery. Brian is painting their kitchen and our job is to keep her out of his hair. Sunday is church and I am cooking dinner for two friends on mine in honor of their birthdays....pouring over cookbooks right now. Happy Weekend to You

Joyce said...

Loved your post! I get it about being broke after being paid. Experienced it yesterday!
I love the Housewives of OC too! I watched the marathon yesterday! I want to slap that one daughter that comes and goes as she pleases. Then the mom gets defensive about her parenting skills? I kind of feel bad for her. And that baseball player.. what a jerk! The way he treats his mom? wowza. I would never have any of them as friends, either. Good job on the gym! I am so proud of you!
Papa and Tara are going to see that movie tomorrow while I take kids to the pool! Should be fun for me! I hate scary movies!
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Cindy Lou said...

Yeah...I know about all the money going out the door!!

I have a really busy weekend planned!! Tonight is the circus and tomorrow is Jeffs moms birthday and we are going to Longhorn for lunch and then the Barbos tomorrow night for Brenda B-day party and then Sunday the twins are going with Tracy to snow Mountain!!

Jeff and I may go and catch a movie Sunday since the twins will be gone!! So thats about it for me!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great weekend!! Love you!!

wendy said...

Money ---never seems to be enough to go around eh.
Can you imagine, Shaun White the USA snowboarder makes 7 to 8 million a year!!!!!! and he is only 23. Wow.

I love the Olympics. I was happy that the USA beat Russia skater last night. Whooopee

Glad you got some good weather coming. I am not sure about that movie --looks a little scarry to me. Let me know.

billypandnikkysmom said...

We're going to check out that film this weekend too, it was filmed next to the town where we live!! The old Taunton State Insane Asylum & the Massasoit Woods ~ so it's a must see!! Enjoy your night!!! Hugs to all, God Bless!

Anonymous said...

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