Monday, February 1, 2010

The Post With No Title

Jeff's been working on this puzzle for a couple of weeks now. I bought it for him thinking he'd have it done in no time. It's 2000 pieces and it's the painting Starry Night by Van Gogh. Boy, was I wrong. My kitchen table has been turned into a puzzle table. If and when I cook, we eat in the dining room. I think after this one is finished, he's gonna need a puzzle vacation. And I just may have to get some of that puzzle glue stuff and save this one.

Last night we celebrated Reid's birthday at my mom and dad's. Mom made a huge pot of homemade vegetable soup and homemade cornbread in a cast iron skillet no less. She also made something that I'm now addicted to. Stewed tomatoes and rice. Of course, I'm sure if I try to make it, it'll taste like something they sell in the pet supplies aisle. But I really don't see how I could mess it up. It sounded so easy and it was delish.

We had such a good time. Reid got lots of cash for his birthday and an iTunes card. Ross made him a potato gun, which I think he liked a lot. He's officially taller than his mom and has been for a little while now.

Suz always makes her kids birthday cakes. She never buys them. She's made some pretty cool ones. I have to say, though, that the one she made for Reid is my all-time favorite. She got it from Pioneer Woman. It's her chocolate sheet cake and OMGoodness, it was soooo good. What wouldn't I give for a piece of it right now? Anyway, yeah, it was very good. I suggest going to her blog and getting the recipe.

During the course of the night, Alayna got her feelings hurt. And believe me, one person's feelings you don't want to hurt are hers. You may be able to tell in this picture that she can pop that bottom lip out and end up making you want to cry. And you can definitely see my dad's fist in this picture. He was directing that at the person who hurt her feelings. You don't mess with her. He says if you mess with her, you mess with him. Guess that's normal for a man who is daddy to three girls, huh? He's definitely a softie where she's concerned.
And then there was Eli the acrobat. He has been practicing his handstands. Only doing a handstand wasn't quite good enough for him. Now he's working on doing a handstand with only one hand. Pretty good, huh? He has endless energy. He was doing flips and handstands after spending the entire afternoon at baseball tryouts. Oh, to be five again.
Ethan's football team won the superbowl and they got trophies and superbowl rings. Yeah, you heard that right. Ten-year-old boys got superbowl rings.
I thought that was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I hope I'm wrong, but I predict he'll have lost it by spring break. I think it'd be neat to hang on to it and share it with his kids one day. But he is after all only 10.
Saturday night Reid had Cam and a few friends go to the movies with him for his b'day. They saw Avatar. Jeff, Suz, Jason and I saw Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. I have never screamed so many times during a movie before. I'm a jumpy person anyway. I was caught off guard several times by the special effects. I thought it was a pretty good movie.
I went to the gym today. I've been doing good and I'm actually enjoying it very much. I try to take the classes when I can, but if not I work out with the equipment. I can feel myself getting stronger. But I am so darned tired. I mean, so, so tired. Like I'm sitting here wondering if it's a bad thing to go to bed at 8 o'clock. I'm wiped out.
I also went to Target and got some stuff to make my cousin Justin a package. It was lots of fun just looking around and thinking about things he might like. He's in Afghanistan and when he comes home, he's going to be the most spoiled Marine ever. He's got so many people mailing him packages and cards and goodies. He -- and all the others too -- deserve it. I will be so glad when his boots are back on the ground in the good ol' USA. I admire his mom, my aunt Cindy. I know it's been incredibly hard to have him out from under wing, not to mention being put in harm's way. Y'all say a prayer for him and all the other troops. One thing you can never have enough of is prayers.
My hubby and I are heading to Tybee Thursday. It's his birthday Friday. We go to celebrate his birthday and also one of the locals there that we just love, Ms. Sylvia, turns 101. She plays her tambourine and Doc's Bar, our favorite hangout. I'm so ready to go. My work's been kinda stressful the last few days, so a break will be nice. Just not long enough.
Okay. I think I'm heading for the sofa or the bed. Hmmm. I think if I get on the sofa, I won't feel so guilty if I just so happen to "fall" asleep.
Till next time. Live, love, laugh. Oh, and pray.


billypandnikkysmom said...

We're praying every day for that Sweet Marine :) great post, loved the picture of your Daddy at the ready to protect his little granddaughter, sweet picture! Have a great time on your little "vacation" I can't wait to see that puzzle all finished! Have a great Tuesday!!

Theresa said...

Love it when I see your sweet post in my sidebar:) That Alayna and your Dad are too cute. I know he is protective of that ONLY granddaughter! Reid and Suzanne are sweet, I know you all had a great time. And your Mama can cook delicious anything! Your Dad says that people at the Lodge always smack their lips at what they are serving... I tell him they don't have such a good cook at home. He says, "You got that right"! He loves your Mamas cooking too. Now as for Tybee, I thought Jeff said I could go with you all this year:) Enjoy your trip... congrats to Ethan and hang on to that ring! Love you!

Theresa said...

Uhhh... I went back thinking that Suzanne had a blog:( Guess not!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I got excited thinking Suz had a blog, too! The cake looked so good! Reid is such a handsome fella and I am sure Marshall made Alayna all better. I can hear him talking while holding his fist up! So neat. Mom gave me a puzzle for Christmas and Austin and I need to get busy! Congrats on working out! Have a blast this weekend! Love ya!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh great post!! I am so glad that you had such a wonderful birthday with Reid!! And that cake looks delicious!! All the kids look so happy but that poor Alayna...that broke my heart and I know that fist talk!! Memories!!! You need to glue that puzzle together and save it! Justin will love your package and yeah he will be spoiled!! I did get a myspace message from him...He is ok!! Have a great day! I love you!


I love your birthday posts. It is so much fun to see what all you did, what the kids got, who was there....thank you for sharing those with us. I am going after the cake recipe...looked to good to pass up. My kids always had homemade cakes...never store bought. I just did not make them. My best friend makes all of them and she is fabulous. I keep trying to get her to do a blog and post her stuff...she is awesome.

suzanne said...

Good pictures! I'm glad you remembered your camera.
Could've told you that puzzle was gonna be mega-hard, can't even believe you're allowing it to live on your kitchen table :0(
I'm so jealous of your Tybee trip. (Just remember, I can fit in a suitcase and stay out of y'alls way.) I sure do admire Cynthia, too. You do what you have to do, I guess. And yes, Eli does some amazing one-armed handstands. He scratched his leg on the ceramic heater last night doing them. He fell to the floor hollering Band-Aid, Band-Aid!! Too hilarious :0)

wendy said...

101 and plays the tamborine --that is my kind of woman. LOVE IT.

a vacation sounds lovely right now, so enjoy!!

as for puzzles, they are addictive. I bought my grand daughter and DIL a puzzle over Christmas of New Moon --Jacob. It was a gorgeous picture. We struggled for hours to get just the edges done, on the kitchen table---then their little 14 month old got up on the table and knocked it all to pieces. I wanted to cry.
We just put it all back in the box ---and said, "another time"

A Wedding Story said...

That puzzle looks amazing fun! Wow I bet it was really hard! Great design too love that painting!

Nana said...

Super Bowl ring? That is pretty exciting.

I think I am going to go work out, then make that cake!

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