Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Can Call Me the Trip Jinx

So if you want to plan a trip, but you don't really want to go or if you want the weather to be really bad if you do go, just invite me. I can guarantee the weather would be awful.

This is the weekend of our annual Deer Land Trip. We've gone every year for about the last 12 years. And this is the only weekend the camp is available. So what happens? We get snow. About five inches of snow. The one time that I don't want it to snow, it does. But we are getting to go, we're just leaving today instead of last night. Our trip will be a little shorter, but in a way, we got the best of two really good things.

The snow has been absolutely gorgeous. We just don't get snow like this here in Georgia often, so it's a special treat. We went out this morning and played withe some of the neighbors' kids. We had an authentic old-fashioned sled and it went fast.

Ross and Cam sledded last night behind the four-wheeler, but I was too brokenhearted about the trip that I didn't even get a picture. They came out this morning and watched the kids sled.
Even Jeff got in on the action. I didn't go because I was afraid I'd end up in the creek.

Bandit loved the snow. She'd stay out there as long as we'd let her. If you'd ball it up, she would eat it. I don't see how she kept from freezing.

Last night I came out of my funk long enough to make snow ice cream. It was a bust. It didn't taste nearly as good as I remember it tasting when my mom and dad used to make it. I used the same ingredients. It just tasted like cold, salty vanilla.

So that's my snow day blog post. We got the snow I'd been asking for, but we got it on the weekend I wanted it to stay away. Figures.

I realized I didn't post a picture of the birthdays I celebrated last weekend. This is Jeff and Ms. Sylvia. This is what a 101 year-old looks like. Not bad, I'd say. What a lovely lady. My sweet hubby isn't too bad either.

Y'all have a good Saturday. If it snowed in your corner of the world, enjoy it. Personally, I'm ready to be laying out by this with an ice cold drink.

Till next time.


Cindy Lou said...

Well I am glad that you get to still get to go on your trip! It may be a little shorter but it will still be fun!! I made snow ice-cream too! Brenda was here to help it turned out pretty dog-on good!! Well you have a safe you!!

Theresa said...

Ditto with what Cindylou said! I am happy you are getting to go. We are staying in, I think. It is hard for me to go to a Birthday party in Alpharetta. I don't think the getting there would be so bad, but the getting home after dark when it starts freezing:( WE don't get invited to a lot of parties and I always try my best to go. But this one, safety is more important that being a social butterfly. Enjoy your time with the family. Hey the 101 year old looks mahvelous dahling and your Jeff is one handsome fella as are your two sons. Hugs! Auntie T

Becky said...

Have fun on your trip! We got 2 and a half inches. Had lots of fun. I think the snow cream use to be such a treat because we didn't have half the sweets of today. It was a treat!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Our snow was beautiful! Munson loved it too and I could not understand how he wasn't cold either! It did NOT slow him down at all and he loved eating the snow. Glad you are still getting to go on the trip. Hope you have a great time.

wendy said...

It is always frustrating when the weather doesn't co-operate with our trips.
Perahps you might not want to work for a Travel Agency (tee,hee)
Oh well, ya make the best of is still always fun to get away somewhere for a change of pace.

I have never heard of snow ice cream.

BUT, I am kinda with you....I am ready for flip flops, a pool side drink and magazine.

billypandnikkysmom said...

I'm glad your trip is still on!!!!! You'll have a great time, lots of pics please :) Loved seeing Little Bandit in the snow! Stay warm & have fun fun fun!!!

Emma said...

Bring on the sun!!!!

Joyce said...

We haven't had any snow this year which is uncommon... and spring is coming fast! I am ready for my flip flops too. Would wear them now but I hate wet feet! lol! Happy Valentine's day, dear! xoxo


I am ready for some flip flops girlfriend. Glad you guys got to enjoy some of your trip.

jennifer said...

Hasn't the weather this winter been CRAZY?? We saw snow showers in coastal Alabama!

Sorry your trip didn't work out as planned.

Bring on Spring!!