Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mindless Television

Lots of nights before I go to sleep, I'll get in bed and just start flipping the channels on the remote. Not really looking for anything special to watch and not wanting to watch anything too heavy. Lately, I don't watch the news before I go to sleep. Mainly because if I do, I won't be able to go sleep. The news makes me anxious. Hmm. I wonder why.

So while I was watching what I affectionately refer to as "mindless television", I thought I'd share some of the shows that I came across.

This is one that I never watched when the series was originally on.

So I started watching a little bit of it and I thought it was hilarious. It was so very different from the medical/hospital scenario shows of today. All the nurses wore white. They all wore their white nurses' hats. Personally, I love that look. When I was growing up and wanted to be a nurse, I couldn't wait to wear one of those hats. Do you remember the nurse kits that had the hard plastic case? They always had a little nurse hat in it.

Anyway, one of the story lines of the show was about this little boy who was taken to the hospital with asthma. And I'm not making light of asthma at all. I have a lot of family that suffers terribly with it. I just found it amusing that asthma made the story line in those days on a hit TV show. Nowadays, to make a story line on a popular medical drama, such as House, you have to be bleeding out of your eyeballs or something like that. I guess that's just further proof of how the times have changed. Enough of the poor acting. Flip the station.

And then there was this one.

Can you even imagine a show like the A-Team being popular today? I only watched it for a few minutes and in that few minutes, I must've seen three car stunts. Very realistic. Not. Flip again.

The next flip brought me to the History Channel. We love the History Channel. Do y 'all ever watch Pawn Stars on that station? What about American Pickers? Very, very good mindless television.

Last night, though, they were playing a documentary entitled Sex in the Civil War. Seriously. I really want to know why we need to know about sex in the Civil War. And worst of all, why would we WANT to know about sex in the Civil War. And even more so, WHO WOULD WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SEX IN THE CIVIL WAR? The narrator said that there are over 50,000 books written on the Civil War and only ONE about sex in the Civil War. Duh. I wonder why!!!! Flip again.

Next up came the Style Network. Now, why in the world would they play a show called Tacky House on the Style Network? Someone enlighten me, please

I did manage to learn something through my channel surfing. I've often heard the term Blue Dog Democrat.

I'm ashamed to say that I never had a clue what it was. I think I was watching Neal Cavuto interviewing someone on some economic issue. Underneath the person's face, they had his name and underneath their name it said Blue Dog Democrat. I thought it must be something kinda important, so I looked it up. Whatever. Flip again.

Food Network. Ahh. I love Food Network. Just not at night and especially when I'm on a diet. Bobby Flay was having a throwdown with someone and they were making cakes. Heavens to Betsy, what was I doing watching that?

By this time the mindless television is dulling my brain into a drowsy state. But I think I can stay awake for one more flip. What do I come to? A show called Worst Case Scenarios. Now that makes a great show for someone to watch before they go to sleep. Imagine the horrible thoughts you'd go to sleep with. Flip again.

This time flip it off.

There is a reason it's called Mindless Television. Do y'all ever watch it? What's your favorite mindless TV show or station?

Till next time. LLL.



I did not watch Emergency when it was on...and find it very refreshing now. It is so clean. I also watch Triple D and Unwrapped at night...on the food channel. Talk about interesting. LLL back at 'cha.

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Great post, Kelly. Your blog page looks so pretty!! I never watched Emergency, but it is funny that my two office girls and I were singing old intro songs today at work (Facts of Life, Green Acres, Growing Pains, Jeffersons, etc). We even went on youtube and listened to the songs while we attempted to lunch of course! :) I hate the news, too. I do not do the flipping, so it is usually baseball or golf! I sleep. Have a great evening.

suzanne said...

Girl, this is my kinda post... where shall I begin with my mindless TV watching? Well, I can't watch The First 48 on A&E, which is my FAVORITE, because it's real life stuff and very scary. I like Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezilla, Petticoat Junction, MASH, Soul Train, Good Times, Forensic Files (also scary), Andy Griffith Show, Law & Order... the list goes on and on... gotta love them good old shows though :0)

wendy said...

(love the new header on your blog) Love your photos on the sidebar.

So Kelly ---------here is WHY you'd want to know about sex and the Civil War. Have you ever seen the mini series North and South with Patrick Swayze ------THAT'S WHY I'D WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SEX AND THE CIVIL WAR. (tee,hee) He was gorgeous!!

I also won't watch news before going to sleep ----to troubling. I like reruns of Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prarie, The Waltons,-----and all kinds of cooking shows and HGTV stuff.

we all can use a little mindless tv sometimes.

billypandnikkysmom said...

I don't sleep well at all & I have the TV on all night...that's how I get myself into trouble :) my fingers always go right to 71 QVC, hehe!!!!

Theresa said...

Hmmmm... I don't watch much mindless TV, just my soaps and that's kinda mindless:) I love lots of old shows, I just don't watch them. At night when I am snuggling into bed, I watch the news. Only until it lulls me into sleeptime:)

Love you bunches! Have a fabulous Friday!

Barbara said...

There you go, mindless TV that says it all, and includes most of every channel. I do watch the old ones and they are so much better than any of the new shows, not all the vuglarness and nudity like today tv is. Love them oldies, but not in bed, I usually am asleep before I go to bed, stagger to bed, and sleep all night long, lol
Hugs Barbara , just one womans opinion

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