Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Do you ever have a day that is so beautiful you wonder how you could be so lucky? My Mother's Day was a day such as that for me. There was nothing monumental that happened. I didn't get a gift that was out of this world. There really was no spectacular material thing that I can say occurred yesterday. But it was one of my all-time favorite days. And definitely one of my top five favorite Mother's Day.

Here's how my day went down. Cam woke me up and wanted to take me to Waffle House. Which essentially, what he really meant was that he and a couple of friends were going to Waffle House and did I want to go along. Well, with sleep still in my eyes, I politely declined. He gave me the biggest hug and away he went.

Jeff brought me coffee in bed. That's nothing new. He does that for me a few times a week. But then he went to church with his mother. He put on his dress pants that he only wears to funerals or when he's going out for something special and a nice white dress shirt. He looked so dang good and I was so proud of him. Gave me a big hug and a little kiss and away he went.

So there I was alone. Now, y'all know that idle time and I don't get along. I must have a plan. Always a plan. So I started to panic because I didn't have a plan and I didn't have anything I needed to do. I could've gone to church, yes, I know that. But my mama wasn't up to it and I go with her and she goes with me.

I found a movie On Demand called The Glass House. I watched it while working in my closet and taking a bath. I enjoyed my morning so much. Ross got up and gave me his card and some landscape lights I've been wanting to go around my pool. Another big hug and away he went.

I went to the grocery store and got the things I needed for Mother's Day supper at Crystal's house. Before I knew it, Jeff was back home from church and lunch with his mom, dad and brothers.

Look at these handsome boys. What a proud mama she was.

Do you love the bunny ears Ronnie put behind Jeff? HeHe..

Ross cut the grass for me and Jeff and I laid out by the pool. Me with a book, him trying to take a nap. It was bliss. Pure bliss.

The afternoon went quickly by and it was time to go over to Crystal's. She hosted the Sunday Night Supper last night. And I must say, she was definitely the hostess with the mostess. We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, butter beans, corn, mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy. Needless to say, it wasn't the most calorie conscious meal, but it was soooo good. I didn't pig out, but I sure ate my fill. Oh, and she made a dessert that was made with ice cream sandwiches, Cool Whip, and Butterfinger candy bars. OMGosh, it was yummy.

Somebody cute likes fried chicken.

My sweet Ross has loved watermelon since he was old enough to eat them, which was way before he was a year old. He called them meln meln. Now, as a 21-year-old, he still loves them. So much, in fact, that he paid $6 for one and brought it to Crystal's last night.

I didn't eat any, but they all said it was all right, considering it is still May. I'm kind of like Lucy in Charlie Brown's Christmas. She never eats December snowflakes and I never eat May watermelon. I'm sure it's the first of many meln meln we'll eat this summer.

I wanted to get a picture of my mom, my sisters and me together while we were at Crystal's. But honestly, once we all get together, it's hard to remember to do something like that. So I didn't get one. I thought of it as we were pulling out of her driveway.
When we got home, we had a little photo session of our own because I also wanted one of my boys and me. Jeff took, oh, about 15. None of them were blogworthy. Good of one, bad of another. You know how that goes.
My sweet Auntie Theresa celebrated her birthday yesterday and I hope her day was even more wonderful than mine. If anyone in the world deserves it, she does. And I know without a doubt that the apple and apples of her eye made her Mother's Day lovely.
I hope you all had a day filled with memories that, when you look back, will make your heart smile. My heart is still smiling from my day.
Till next time... Always, always, always, Live, Love, Laugh. XOXO


suzanne said...

Cute pictures. I had forgotten about meln meln. It really is the little things in life that makes days special. Crystal is a great hostess, and I think Mama really enjoyed herself.
Your kids are at a great age and my two oldest seem to be entering difficult ages. But I love them and I'll make it.

P.S. You didn't mention that Cameron has lost 50 POUNDS! That's flippin amazing. I am soooo proud of him :0)
P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S.?) Love you!

billypandnikkysmom said...

I'm glad you enoyed your day, sounds like it was just perfect! Have a great night!

Theresa said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me:) Spending time doing what you wanted and then spending time with your sweet Mama! She is an angel on earth.

That Eli is precious whatever he is doing!

I have that cute picture of Ross when he was a tiny tot eating "mein mein"! It is one of my favorite pictures!

Enjoy your Tuesday my sweet niece! Love you bunches!

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