Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday, Ross

Twenty-two years ago this morning at 8:27 a.m., I became a mom. It was one of the happiest days of my life. There couldn't be a better feeling in all the world than holding your very own baby.

So here, in no particular order, are some things I've learned in the 22 years since I became a mom.

1. I can love way more than I ever thought I could.
2. I would give my life for my kids.
3. I would fight Hercules to protect my kids.
4. No matter how old they are, they are still my little boys.
5. When they're hurting, I hurt.
6. When they're happy, I'm happy.
7. They are very expensive.
8. Childhood is lots cheaper than the teenage years.
9. I love to make memories for them.
10. It's very hard to watch them drive away in a vehicle.
11. Boys are very messy.
12. They are also very funny.
13. Having sons makes me feel safe.
14. It also makes me feel tired.
15. But most of all, they make me happy. Every. Single. Day.

Happy birthday, my dear sweet son. I wish you many, many more. The man you've become has made me proud!

Till next time...

UPDATE ON THE WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION: Yesterday was a rough day. He went back to work and did okay. When he got home, though, and attempted to work out, he couldn't do it and had to come home. He was feeling pretty lousy. I'm hoping that today will be a better day and that he'll be able to resume a normal diet and get back to his normal routine. He's pretty sick of feeling bad.


Theresa said...

Oh I remember that proud day, all of us gathered there EVEN MAMA:) What a sweet little fella and he is a fine young man!

Happy Happy Birthday Ross! I hope you have an extra special day! Do something fun, hoefully your wisdom teeth removal bad feeling goes away quickly!

Love you all!

suzanne said...

Tear...I remember that day, firt grandchild for my Mom and Dad, and I became a proud Aunt! I love that boy, and I think he's a really awesome young man.

And P.S. That HAIR!!!!

P.S.S. I am learning a lot from you about the teenage years, even though I don't offically have a teenage son yet. You'll be my counselor.

Cindy Lou said...

Oh what a sweet fella he is! I know that you are proud of them both and you have a right to be! I think all teenagers are expensive and yes boys are messy!! I hope that he continues to improve from his wisdom teeth extraction! Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Happy Birthday Ross! Enjoy your day!

Nana said...

That was very sweet and true! Happy Birthday and, I hope he gets feeling better soon.

Becky said...

Tell him Happy Birthday and I hope he feels better soon. Maybe you need to take him to Tybee for a few days, ;-)

I am having trouble commenting on your posts. It is prob. my computer but it put a gray transparent screen that blocks me from clicking on anything. ONLY strange things happen to me. But if I scan down really fast I can click. So I am getting faster.lol

Since I could not get in on the last post, I know you are proud of Cam, although it is bitter sweet. Looks like ya'll have done a great job with your boys. I hope he enjoys his Senior Year! Woohoo!!