Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhh, it's too hot...

Better run for shelter. Better run for shade. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm sick of this summer. Or really I should say, I'm sick of being hot. It has been too hot too many days in a row.

Springtime comes, the temps warm up. You start feeling all revived and refreshed and ready for all the flowers and taking care of your yard and your house.

Early August comes and you begin to feel that if your flowers die, well, it was just their time to go. If your sod looks like someone set it on fire, well, I've always heard it's a good idea to burn off old growth to get new growth to come on. Your house has got spider webs in all kinds of places and your garage always has an odor from the heat, well, you just take a chill pill and move on inside where you won't have to see or think about it.

In May I just want to go to the beach. Just cannot wait to go to the beach. Early August, it's too hot for me to think of being on the beach. I just think it would be torture at this point. All that sand and all that sweat. Gross. Add to that the temperature of the sand is probably 9 million degrees.

In April, I start wanting to be tan. I've always felt like my fat looked better tan. So I always like to be a little tan before shorts season arrives.

When it's August, I don't really give a flip if I'm tanned or not. It's too hot to lay out. Oh, well, guess my fat will have to look pale till next April.

In March, I start thinking, oh, pool temperature, hurry up and get warm enough to get in. Finally mid-May it's '70s, then '80s, ahhhhh.
By August, my pool temperature is no cooler than my body temperature and not much cooler than the heat index in my backyard. It's just not refreshing. I feel like I need my wash cloth and ody soap. Or I could try and fill it up with a whole bottle of my love, my man in pink, Mr. Bubbles.

I love to drive my car with the top down. I just love it. I've put towels on the seat to keep from burning my legs, but if I take the top down on the car, I sweat like a hog. So I don't let it down and I run the air full blast.It's too hot to do just about any of the stuff I like to do in the summertime.

Heck, watching what I eat, I can't even eat ice cream like I want to. Yes, as hard as it is for me to say, it's time for Ms. Summer to move on her way. Bring on the cool lusciousness of Mr. Fall.

Till next time...


Took Ross back to the oral surgeon today. He just wasn't feeling good at all. Had not slept in days. Sore throat, pressure in his ears, couldn't open his mouth, etc. As it turns out, he has a rare complication called a needle tract infection. When he was being injected some of the bacteria in his mouth got injected with the needle. He has an infection in his soft palette. He is miserable. Poor thing. He never complains and I had no idea how bad he felt. I'm now ruling over him with an iron fist and he's going to do exactly what I say, which is rest and take care of himself. Hopefully, he'll be better by the weekend. The doctor said if he wasn't, he might have to go back in and there and release the infection.


Theresa said...

I know, I am miserable with the heat! I don't sweat, well I didn't used to sweat! This year it rolls down my face and back like a waterfall! Our pool is warm too. The only way I made it comfortable for the pool party this past weekend was to run water in it at night!

I feel the same way about the flowers and grass! Marc had our grass looking like a golfcourse and now it has dead patches all over the place. I am ready for some cooler weather, just to be able to get outside and do something without almost passing out!

I wish Ross felt better, poor fella! I know is so active and not the type to just have to sit still! Praying that he feels better soon!

Love you bunches and it will be cool soon, it will be cool soon, it will be cool soon:)

billypandnikkysmom said...

My flowers died off a few weeks ago, they were glorious & now they are just DEAD! Weeds all over the place, spider webs too, grass is brown & crunchy...leaves are turning brown from the heat. I was so happy the other night when we sat outside & it was cool, I actually had to out a light jacket on & than WAHMO that stinking heat came right back by the morning time :/ ready for fall & planting my mums!!!

suzanne said...

girl, please, my getupandgo is GONE! I hope and pray it's just this heat. Everyone seems sorta draggy to me. Cute little pictures on this post, and I sure hope your big boy Ross is all better soon. Sounds terribly painful! luv u

Barbara said...

Oh yes I sure agree, I cannot wait for Spring, then WHAM!!! it is summer and blistering, it has been in the 3 digit numers for days, only relief is to stay in the AC thank God for AC and for heat in the winter, hugs my friend, suck on an ice cube, giggles ♥