Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ones That Didn't Make It

Till now. I take a lot of pictures for my blog. Most of them, though, never actually make it. It's not because they're not good pictures, but usually it's because I just don't blog after I've made them.

While going through a couple of flashcards, mostly in my phone, I came across some pretty good ones and I thought it'd be fun to put them on here. Of course, they're not in any order at all. That would have taken forever.

Ross & Cam arm wrestling August '10.

Suz and her chocolate birthday cake. August '10

Cam's 18th birthday cake -- err, uh, fruit bowl. August '10.

Cam & PeePaw. Cam's 18th b'day & PeePaw's 89th August '10.

Ross riding the big tractor. July '10.

Postgame pigout at Pizza Hut. April '10.

Eli's championship tournament trophy. October '09.

Ronnie & Nan. Halloween '09.

Me as I Love Lucy. Halloween '09.

Jeff goofing off at the Halloween store. October '09.

How I look and feel most days. Halloween store. October '09.

Kitchen table at the cabin we stayed in for my birthday. Blue Ridge. October '09.

Little boy reading us a story while Suz, Alayna and I were eating Chinese food. Alayna, this one's for you. September '09.

Electric Chair. Had deposition at the State Bar of Georgia building. '09.

Bird watchin' in Decatur between depositions. September '09.

Bandit ready for the Dawgs to play. Fall '09.

Sunset on the way to eat dinner. '09.

Me being a tiger in the kitchen. August '09.

August birthdays at Ed & Jeans. August '09.

What happens when you let your son use your tin foil and he lets it roll down the driveway, then tries to get it back on the roll and in the box. August '10.

Saw this butterfly on the way to my car from deposition in Jackson, Georgia. August '10.

View from an office building in downtown. July '10.

Just a cloud. '09.

Getting my hair done. '09.

Anniversary roses. July '09.

Ethan receiving an award in 3rd grade. '08.

Me going to the gym. April '10.

Butterfly on my porch. April '10.

Bird's nest at Tybee. June '10.

Blister after walking about 7 miles in the blazing heat at Tybee. June '07.

I took this picture because of the room on the top floor. Upside down horseshoe and a black rose decorate the door. Tybee. June '10.

Everything's better in Metter. On the way to Tybee. June '10.

Hydrangea arrangement I made. August '10.

Workers at the Peachtree Plaza. They're replacing glass blown out by the tornado that went through downtown last year.
Snapped this one from a parking garage on the way to my depo. August '10.

Homemade ice cream. Summer '10.

Jeff and me. Christmas '09.

Watching the snow from my bedroom window. February '10.

Eli the tiger. August '10.

Flowers from Parks family after my hysterectomy. October '08.
So what about you? Do you have lots of pictures that you take for your blog and they never quite get their five minutes of fame?
TGoodnessIF. Have a wonderful weekend!
Till next time. Live, love, laugh.


Joyce said...

I know there are alot of cute ones of people and family... but my favorite one that made me LOL was.... the foil. I can imagine him trying to get it back in the box. Too funny! I love pictures!!! xoxo

Theresa said...

I SURE enjoyed these pictures! Believe it or not, I actually don't post all of the pictures that I post but posting everyday helps:) Sweet picture of Ed and Cam! Loved seeing Ross on the tractor, it made me smile! And what was up with all of the gifts behind Suz in the birthday picture?

Love you bunches and love seeing lots of the beauty that you saw at one time or another!

Cindy Lou said...

I loved this post and seeing so many pictures. I take a lot of pictures and even though I post everyday I don't always use them :). Thanks for sharing, Enjoy your day! Love you bunches!

suzanne said...

This was great! You need to do that at least once a month. Everyone does... very good idea.
I think my favorite was the one of the Chinese boy in the restaurant. Good times, good times!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh, great pictures! Thanks for sharing, loved the tin foil :) I think I've had a roll or two like that in my pantry too! Have a great night!


I loved the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. I feel as if I was part of every event.