Monday, April 4, 2011

All No Work and No Play

All work and no play could make A Girl Named Kelly Kelly a dull girl. If she had time to be dull, which she doesn't. I know so many people who are on vacation this week. It's spring break for most counties around here. It's making it very difficult to stay focused and work while lots of folks are at beaches and lakes having fun! But work I must. And I must so that we can have ourselves a beach trip in May and our family beach vacation in June. I'm not usually a jealous girl, but honestly, when it comes to the beach, I'm always jealous of others who are there when I'm not. Oh, well. This weekend I really didn't have too much time to think about being jealous. We worked our booties off at home. We had our house pressure washed on Friday. The guy did an awesome job and the house sparkled. Everything, that is, except for the windows. It seems that all the gunk that washed off the house washed onto the windows. They looked bad. I bought one of the Windex window cleaning kits. It worked quite well on the outside windows. Then I had to clean the ones inside. Some of them I couldn't reach, so Jeff cleaned those for me. Window washing is a job! But I have to say cleaning the windows made the biggest difference. Having clean windows makes the whole house clean. Ahhh, you know I love that. Yesterday was such a beautiful day. It wasn't as windy as it was on Saturday. I decided to go to the little lake in our neighborhood and fish for a while. I actually caught three. Then I got my line tangled up in a tree and had to break the line to get it loose. I forgot my tackle box at home, so I left. It was great fun while it lasted. While I was washing windows on Saturday, Jeff finished filling the hole where the tree I hated was. You can see what's left of the tree in the background of this picture. My sweet husband does such a great job at every project he works on. He is a perfectionist and I am so lucky, because perfection is what I like. Now we'll get a birdbath and a bird feeder and it'll be a bird's heaven. I've been working on Cam's graduation announcements a little each day. I don't want to be down to the last minute and stressed over getting them out, so I do a little at the time and it's not so bad. They sure are pretty and I get emotional every time I look at them. It's such a milestone for him and well, for me too, really. Speaking of the sweet lil' devil. He's painting the garage for me today. He's actually leaving for Tybee with Ross and some friends on Thursday for the weekend. I know he doesn't like to paint and I sure am glad he's doing it for me because I don't like to paint either. He had my debit card all weekend, so I had a little leverage when asking him to do it for me.

The worst part is that now that the walls are going to be nice and fresh, the baseboards look positively awful. That means they'll need painting, too. Something is telling me that Cam will not have time to get to those before his trip and we all know that I won't be able to wait for him to get back to get them done. I'll likely be painting baseboards this weekend.

So like my title says, all work and no play makes me a dull, but very busy girl! Busy is good, especially if you're accomplishing things that make you happy.

Till next time, peeps. Live, love, laugh!


Theresa said...

Fresh and clean makes me happy! I have been working hard at it too! A good helper is a nice thing to have and you have several, I have ONE:)

I can't believe Cameron is about to Graduate! Time flies by WAY too fast and that makes me sad! These little kids aren't so little anymore!

Love you bunches, OH and fishing... Girl, that is relaxing! I have to take a friend with me because I don't like to bait th hook. I am a fishing pole holder:)

OK, now I am finished with my comment! Love you!

suzanne said...

Wow, that's a big fish. I love fishing; it is relaxing. Cam is doing a very nice job in the garage, and I am certain I will get teary eyed when I get that announcement in the mail. I am proud of him :0)

Joyce said...

Big fish! I can't believe you posted so little about it... just in passing. It would have been my title if I had caught a fish. I will post a picture of me and the only one I caught on my blog today. You will laugh. Love ya ms. kelly kelly! Have a great day!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Wow congrats on your catch! Your baby boy is graduating, time flies too fast!