Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom 1983 and Prom 2011

It's prom weekend here! Limos everywhere you look. Beautiful girls and handsome guys! But just look here at this lovely beauty in 1983. In case you didn't get the subtle clue, this is me! I'm in a bridesmaid dress I borrowed from my Aunt Theresa. And back in 1983, you didn't wear a wristlet, but instead you carried a big bouquet! Anyway, I remember the night well. I was very excited. I remember where we ate, what we did after the prom, but I remember nothing about the prom itself. Must've been pretty boring. Last night was my nephew Joseph prom. It was held at the Georgia Aquarium. I bet that was a lovely place to have it. I wish I could've seen it. My dad brought over his prize possession; his fully restored '55 Chevy. He brought it over for Ross, Joseph, and today will be Cam's turn. I took 106 pictures before they left. There was not one bad picture of Kelsey. I do believe she's one of the most photogenic girls I've ever seen. These are a few of the pictures I wanted to share with y'all. Kelsey, Joseph, and my dad. My dad with four of his six grandsons. So dang proud. I'd have given anything for Ethan and Eli to have been there. Joseph and his sweet mama, my sweet sister, Crystal. We all drove over to my cousin Tracy's beautiful house to make more pictures. Rain was a big concern and we knew she had a lovely front porch that would make a nice backdrop for the pictures. The rain held off, so we were able to make pictures all around her house. Her azaleas were in full bloom, as were lots of other pretty trees and shrubbery. It was absolutely gorgeous. These were two of my favorites that I made while we were there. And of the 106 pictures I made, this one was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I'm not sure what it is that is so captivating to me, but I love it!
It was a fun, tiring night. And guess what? I get to do it all AND EVEN MORE again tonight. Tonight's Cam's senior prom! I've got lots of ideas of pictures I want to make here at home. Then we're heading over to a pretty tea room to make pictures with 17 other couples. Oh, boy, it's gonna be a long day! But one I'm sure I'll remember probably longer than I'll remember my own prom in 1983.

Till next time...


Joyce said...

She is gorgeous and very photogenic! Great pictures! Thank you for sharing these and keep the stamina going!

Theresa said...

Beautiful PROM Girl you were dear Kelly:) I remember it well!

I saw some of the pictures on Facebook and LOVE those sweet little ones, well... that's how I look at them:) Precious children! Crystal is so beautiful with her handsome Son and Kelsey is SOOO photogenic! I hated missing the festivities!

LOVE the picture of your Daddy with his Grandsons, got tears with that one:) good tears!

Love you bunches and can't wait to see Cam's pictures too!


Love all the pictures...the then one and the now. I too like the separate picture of the couple. It is really pretty. Thanks for sharing them.

suzanne said...

Awesome awesome awesome pictures. They were a beautiful couple. I remember clearly thinking how beautiful u were in that red dress. I wish Ethan and Eli had been there so bad! Luv u and can't wait for cam's pics!

billypandnikkysmom said...

I saw the pictures on Facebook, just beautiful!!! Loved that old car, did they take that to Prom or does it belong to your daddy?

Hope they enjoyed!