Friday, April 22, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet

Music: Irving Berlin
Lyrics: Irving Berlin
Premiere: Saturday, September 30, 1933

Never saw you look quite so pretty before
Never saw you dressed quite so lovely what's more
I could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely Easter morning
And my heart beat fast as I came through the door
In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade
I'll be all in clover and when they look you over
I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade
I'm planning on going to an early sunrise service Easter morning. I've never been to one before, but I've heard it's very moving. The weather should be just perfect. This will be the first Easter in my recent memory when the weather will be so nice. All the sweet little girls won't have to cover up their pretty smocked dresses with a drab, old sweater. It's sure to be a beautiful day.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope your Easter weekend is filled with celebrations of our living savior, lots and lots of laughter and even more love.

Till next time...



I love Sunrise services. It is my favorite of all the services during Holy Week. I am wishing you and yours a Blessed and Happy Easter.

Barbara said...

Yes the Sunrise service is very special, my dh preached one about 10 years ago, and it touched all hearts, we do not have one now at this church.
be blessed, pray for my dh he is preaching in Florida Sunday, God bless you, and hope you have a very happy Resurrection day.

Theresa said...

Hi Sweet Niece, I love Easter and am looking forward to seeing all of our PRECIOUS Family!

Sunrise is hard for me to do but Church service for sure and then to the family lunch!

Love you bunches, Auntie T

billypandnikkysmom said...

Happy Easter to you too!

suzanne said...

I never knew the words to that song... very pretty. I love Easter. Gives me chills thinking about what it means to us. Love you :0)

Joyce said...

I love that song!!! Thanks for putting it in my head this morning! Happy Easter and may you be blessed!!! xoxo