Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Staycation

Ross, Cam and a few friends spent a long weekend in Tybee. Jeff and I decided that rather than going anywhere ourselves, we'd just have ourselves what we dubbed a "Staycation." I have to be honest. It was a lot of fun. We did what we wanted, which involved more work than we had intended. We ate what we wanted. We slept with no interruptions. It was strange, but in a fun way. I'm in no way implying that I'm ready for my nest to be empty. But, of course, you all know that. Wednesday I finished painting the garage. It nearly killed me. Then Thursday before Cam left, we cleaned out the utility closet in the garage. If I thought I was nearly dead on Wednesday I was truly on the brink by Thursday when we finished. That closet hadn't been swept out in at least two years. Our cat sleeps in there and I'm so allergic to cat dander. Stupid me didn't wear a mask and so I inhaled so much dust and dander that I was coughing and felt pretty bad the rest of that day. It's so different having sons. They are funny about pulling out your camera to make pictures of things they're doing that you'd like to remember. For example, when they were ready to head out Thursday, I wanted a picture. But I was too embarrassed to ask. I knew they'd harass me. Because of the dust and dander in my lungs, I didn't feel up to the harassment. So I have NO PICTURE! They had a good time while they were there. There was only one minor glitch; Ross got a parking ticket for parking against the flow of traffic. Pretty minor I'd say for four boys, two girls and a three-night stay away from home. I was proud of them. Back to the staycation. Friday night we had dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Of course, unless I'm working, I don't go through Atlanta and pass this heavenly spot. So we stopped. Got a dozen hot donuts. I think I ate five. Maybe six. I don't think I want anymore for a while. I woke up Saturday morning and still felt crammed full of donuts. Luckily, I was hungry by that evening because we went to Outback for dinner. Oh, those cheddar fries are to die for, aren't they? I got my fall and winter clothes put away and brought out my spring and summer. That was a job that took a couple of hours and one that I have been dreading. Glad to have that done and over with. Now I need to go shopping. I'm asking myself what in the world I wore last summer. Jeff doesn't enjoy fishing. If he walks down to the lake with me, he usually looks for a shady spot to lay back and enjoy the peacefulness of the lake. Yesterday, while still on our staycation, I walked down to the lake. Look at this nice bass I caught. But don't look at me. I have on no makeup and look dang old. I was on staycation after all. Look how pretty the azaleas from MaMa Kimball's yard are this year.

And this makes me super excited. I found the first bloom on my hydrangea bush.

And the good news is that there are dozens of them! Each year I hold my breath because one year for no reason at all, they didn't bloom. Can't wait till the bush is hanging full of those big, pretty flowers.

Guess that's it for now. If you've never had a staycation, I highly recommend one. Very stress free and not super expensive. Gotta hit the gym. Just like I do on a vacation, I oinked like a little piggy on my staycation. Ugh.

Till next time...


Katie said...

Kelly, that bass is awesome! Way to go. I love to fish. ; )

suzanne said...

Your staycation looks danged near as fun as my mini-vacation. That azalea is crazy with all those blooms. I wish I was closer and I'd go catch one of them thar bass fish, too. Love you :0)

Cindy Lou said...

Well your staycation looked like so much fun!! I am glad you got to enjoy yourself!! I love that fish but I believe I would be over with Jeff enjoying the peace!! So glad to see you post...I miss you!! Enjoy your day!! Love you bunches!!