Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Was My Birthday

Ross and Missye carved their pumpkins tonight. Theirs are the two on the left. Cam and Alicia's is the one on the right. All three are so cute. I must admit that I don't miss carving pumpkins. Jeff used to carve them with the boys when they were little. He would carve them elaborate designs. They were always so good. They're too messy for me. But I sure do love a carved pumpkin with a candle inside.

Sunday night I celebrated my birthday with my parents, in laws, my sisters and their families. We had the traditional weinee roast.

All of my family, including my dad and father-in-law, came. I was afraid that those two might not be able to come. They've had a rough time this year healthwise.

Love my monogrammed coozie from my sweet aunt Theresa.

And my BIG umbrella.

Aren't my birthday roses so pretty? Cam and Alicia brought them to the party to decorate the table. They were a gorgeous shade of orange. They've open up and are huge.

This was the card with my gift from Theresa.

The roaring fire. Jeff was an outstanding firemaster this year. It was a great fire with hardly any smoke.

But there was too smoke for Eli. I grabbed him some big sunglasses and a bandana. He was good to go after that. He's making popcorn here.

All my gifts. What you can't see in the white wrapping is a hand painted canvas Suz painted for me. I'll take a picture and post it, maybe tomorrow. I wanted to remember that and the pretty, meaningful gifts Jeff and the boys gave me, so I'll take a picture of those, too.

All the kids were in awe of Eli. Ross tied him up in many positions and Eli could escape from any one of them. Kids can be easily entertained.

This Friday is Alicia's birthday. We celebrated her birthday Sunday night, too. Cam brought her a tiramisu. Everyone loved it.

Suz made my birthday cake and my mom made my traditional sweet potato pie.

I think Crystal and Suz took many more pictures. I hope they got more variety than I did. I was busy being the hostess with the mostest and the birthday girl, so my variety stinks

I highly recommend celebrating your birthday for at least two weeks. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and so far, 47 hasn't been too shabby.

Till next time...


Theresa said...

I am tickled pink that your Dad and Ed came! I was afraid that they wouldn't come and it just wouldn't be the same without them! AND your Mom and Jean needed some fellowshipping too:) Eli is too cute with his tricks! Each day is a real blessing, isn't it? You are looking more beautiful with ever year and oh BTW58 ain't too shabby either! BIG HUGS and thanks for sharing the pics on your blog! Love you!

Joyce said...

Awwww... your post made me smile! I am glad you had a great birthday!!! You deserve much happiness and with your special family!!!!