Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Latest Addiction

Jeff and I have been hiking up Stone Mountain at least once a week since Memorial Day. When we got there last night, there was a young couple with two little babies having a photo shoot in front of the antebellum mansion. The park has a pretty display of pumpkins there.

Here's an aerial picture of the mountain and the trails. Sometimes we take the nature trail, and it's gravel and super steep in places. It's the harder of the two ways up.

Can you see the spider web in this tree? The spider chose a very pretty tree to spin her web.

This is the ladies room at the bottom of the mountain. Keeping it real, that bathroom always smells terrible. I mean, really, really bad. And the strange thing is that it always smells the exact same bad! How can that be? Is the same lady coming in there every day smelling it up?!

It has been so fun watching all the trees and flowers change colors as we've been going each week. Every week it's a little more noticeable, and the shadows of the sun have been changing, too. Last night we noticed that the pretty yellow wildflowers are dying off. They've been so pretty and are everywhere.

We have to get there earlier now, because the sun is setting so much earlier than it was this summer. We hiked it on the hottest days of the summer. Now we have to wear long sleeves. Soon we'll need to wear pants, too

It's so reviving up there. I mean, I feel like it rejuvenates me so much. And I love being able to get some good exercise and be able to talk to Jeff at the same time. Most of the time, though, I feel like I'm yelling, because he walks faster than I do and is usually ahead of me.

We've found little landmarks along the way. There's this little tree that you just can't help but swing around. Jeff remembers where it is every time so I can take a swing around it.

Yep, you can't compare exercising in a smelly old gym to exercising outside. There's no comparison. I'm so thankful we live close enough to Stone Mountain that we can go as often as we want. I'm totally addicted!

Till next time...


Theresa said...

I bought a pass so I could go up there before it gets cold. I haven't done that in years! You inspire me;)

Kay G. said...

We love Stone Mountain! My husband and I were there on Saturday and the yellow daisies were still blooming at the base of the mountain. As I get older, I think the mountain is getting steeper!