Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 83rd Birthday Jean

Last  night we celebrated the birthday of a woman that I'm extremely grateful for.  The woman who is the mother of the love of my life.  Jean Kelly turned 83 years old this week. 

It's been a difficult year since her last birthday.  She lost a son to liver disease.  She's going through some minor health problems.  Although they don't seem minor to her, I'm sure.  Her sister and very best friend has also had some health problems and Ed, her husband has had a few setbacks too. 

She is a fine Christian lady, full of grace and humility. 

She didn't want us to do anything for her birthday.  She said if she was 85 or 90 or something, that'd be okay, but just for an 83rd birthday, she didn't think we should even celebrate.  But of course, we did.  The whole Kelly family went to Longhorn.  I think there were 19 of us.  That includes 2 friends that Ross and Cam brought along with them.

We ate, we drank and we made merriment.  This family moves quickly.  If you're not ready, you're gonna miss something.  I was at the other end of the table talking and the next thing I know they're singing happy birthday to Jean.  I didn't even have a chance to get my camera to make a picture of her while they were singing.  But I think you can tell she was enjoying having her family to celebrate something so simple to her. 

Jeff and I had her birthday party at my house last year.  I guess we (or really me) were too lazy to have it at our house this year.  We opted to go out instead.  I really wish we had gone ahead and had it at the house because Ed & Jean were stuck in at one end of the table and didn't really get to visit with the people at the other end.  I felt kinda bad about that.  And not to mention that our bill was $450 for the entire table.  Think how much food and drink you could make at home for a whole lot less than $450.  She would have enjoyed the party either way, but I think next year we'll be back at our house.

I've been to the gym every day except today.  I went to church and came home, had a sandwich and decided to take a little nap.  I have a blanket that Jeff made me a couple of Christmases ago.  You know, the fleece ones that don't require any sewing or anything.  It's MY blanket.  And only mine.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I will share it with one or two people.  But my boys know that it's MY blanket.  I don't like for it to get dog hair on it or smell funny.  I have a super sensitive smeller, you know.  When I was a little girl, I had a favorite blanket.  And guess what it was called?  Good Smelling.  That was what I called my blanket.  This blanket I call Snoopy because it's got Snoopy all over it.  It's MY blanket and I want it when I want to take a nap or get cozy or whatever. 

Last night after we got home from supper, it was pretty early still.  Jeff and I decided to stay in and watch a movie because it was pouring down rain.  We were going to go to McDonough to watch a band that some of Jeff's family plays in.  The weather was too bad to go back out.  The boys were not here, so we watched the movie in the living room.  That's where I made my mistake.  I had Snoopy with me in the living room on the sofa.  I guess when it was bedtime, I left Snoopy in the living room.  I can't believe I went to sleep without it, but I must have been tired.

When I got up this morning, there was a boy (well, a 17-year-old) on my sofa.  He wasn't covered with Snoopy, so I still didn't notice anything.  But. . . this afternoon when I was ready for a nice nap, I searched everywhere for Snoopy.  He normally stays on my bed or in my closet.  I never let him get too far away because like I said earlier, I don't like dog hair on it.  I generally don't let Bandit in our bedroom because -- well, because I don't like dog hair.  Snoopy was missing.  I was getting hysterical because it was dawning on me that it was in the extra bedroom.  OMGosh.  Bandit sleeps in there lots of times.  OMGosh, one of Ross's friends slept in there last night.  And sure enough, Jeff found Snoopy in there.  And someone had been sleeping on MY blanket.  Long story short.  It's already been washed.  But sadly, it won't be dried before bedtime because I don't dry it in the dryer.  Oh, no, honey.  This precious blanket only gets dried in the sunshine.  But there's no sunshine today, so instead it's drying on the back of chairs.  I'll put it outside tomorrow to finish drying in the sun. 

I'm psycho, aren't I?

Till next time.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh, Kelly you're not as crazy as you think you are!!!! I have a "blankie" too, I call mine snuggie & NOBODY uses it, NOBODY!!!! Glad you foound Snoopy and he was o.k., a little soap & water & he'll be good to go!! Have a great night!

Theresa said...

You aren't psycho, you are peculiar:) We all have our peculiar ways... it's the Howell part of us! I love Ed and Jean! They are both such sweet people and have had some difficult times these past few years. No parent should have to bury their children. Not right! Happy Birthday to Jean. Glad you found your snoopy and got it all cleaned up! Love you and it was great to spend time with you at Church!

Cindy Lou said...

Oh no you are not psycho...I have one too!! I love it and I like for it to smell just perfect!! I pullit up to my nose and I know if anyone else has had it!! It is mine and most of the time everyone knows to leave it where I have it!! haha!!! And honey I could have put on a huge spread for $450.00...I mean HUGE!!! I hope Ms. Jean had a wonderful Birthday and will have many more to come!! I hope you have a good night even with-out snoopy!! :( Love you!!

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Jean. I'm sorry she lost her son. How painful that must have been for her. She is obviously a tough woman - she has a lovely smile!

suzanne said...

Yes :0)

Emma said...

Don;t mess with the blankie.

Granny looks so dang cute. I also hate to go out with big groups because if your on the wrong end you miss everything. In my case I always get stuck by the kids because I have the smallest ones so I always miss the fun. No eating out for me it's not worth the trouble!!!

wendy said...

What a fun birthday party --83 is just as important as 85 ---and never take it for granted. What if something happened and there wasn't an 85. We must enjoy each day, occasion, event ---you get it.

YES, even though it is less work at the resturant, it is cozier at home. People able to visit easier and mingle better it seems. But, oh the clean up.

you have a blankie??? (tee,hee) I am just fussy about my own pillow.