Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Reid

Twelve years ago today was one of those days that Ms. Melanie Hamilton in Gone With the Wind referred to as one of the happiest kind of days. It was the day a baby was born. The baby was my sister Suz's firstborn. Jason Reid Parks.

He seemed to have been born a little man. Even as a newborn baby, he was very observant of the people around him. And when he was 17 months old, he got a baby sister. He seemed so grown up even then.

I have thousands of memories of Reid because he and Cam have been buds since he could walk. They've done lots of things together. Even though Cam is six years older than Reid, they've always been close. Reid's the one who gave Cam the nickname Mun. Now everyone else calls Cameron Mun. Everyone that is except Reid. He calls him Cameron.

Reid is good at a lot of things. He's an athlete. Good at baseball and football. He's smart. He's in all the advanced classes at school. He is responsible and looks out for his brother and sister. He's handsome and quite a ladies man already. His wit oftentimes catch me off guard. He has the happiest giggle you've ever heard and his love of mischief will surface every chance it can. He likes to have a GOOD time. One of the things I love most about Reid is his hugs. Since he was old enough to give a hug, he will NOT hug you without patting your back as he's hugging you. And I would be crazy not to mention the fact that he is the Original Candy Kid. I've mentioned before to y'all that he can eat sweets like there's no tomorrow. Even dark chocolate. Even raisins.

He's growing up way too fast. He's 12 years old today. This picture is him at his 10th birthday party.

And here he is at his 11th birthday party with the family at my house.

We'll be celebrating his birthday this weekend. Saturday night he's having some friends over and then Sunday night at supper we'll really blow it out with the whole family.

I'm excited to watch Reid grow up. I look forward to watching him play high school football and baseball. I'm anxious for him to bring his first girlfriend to Sunday Night Supper. He brings me much joy and I love him very much.

Happy Birthday, Reid! There will always be a space in my heart saved just for you.


Theresa said...

Oh how sweet, Kelly! Reid is such a handsome fella, always polite and kind! I love the birthday pictures and of course, those baby pictures just melt my heart. Happy Birthday Reid! We need some more babies, anybody... hello? Love you Kelly, and all of those kids love you... errr just like a Grandmother:) You are going to be a great one, you are getting great practice!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Happy Birthday Reid, LOVE HIS NAME!!!! Such a handsome fella...many many more!!! Have a great day!

Cindy Lou said...

Well Happy Birthday Reid!!!

Kelly, You are such a wonderful Aunt!! Those kids are all very lucky to have you!! You all enjoy his Birthday this weekend!! Have a good day! Love you!

Joyce said...

Hope you all have a great weekend celebrating Reid's birthday! Wish him a happy from the other corner of the country! And Happy Birthin' day to Suzanne... who deserves something!!! Everyone forgets the mom. lol! xoxo

suzanne said...

My baby is 12?? Where have the years gone? It's a bittersweet sort of day for me. I remember birthdays past when we would really go all out with the parties and I'd take cupcakes to school, even though several parties have been snowed or iced out... sigh...
But I love him so, so, so much, and your birthday tribute to him was very sweet :0)
P.S. That picture of you holding Reid cracked him up!

wendy said...

Birthdays are fun --and when you are young, it is fun to see photos from each one and see the growth and development.
don't ya just love holding babies.
I hope he had a great birthday