Monday, January 11, 2010

It Went Down Like This

Jeff and Cam have put together three puzzles since Christmas. It's a new hobby. You know, something to do when there's nothing else to do. There's been a lot of that going on around here.

We did get a little snow. Not enough to build even a dwarf-size snowman, but it was enough to close the schools. It wasn't enough to cancel my job in Lawrenceville. I would post a picture of the snow at our house, but the ones I took Thursday night when the "dusting" started aren't good. I wanted Jeff to make a picture Friday while I was gone (he worked from home), but even though he can write computer programs and install computer programs for Emory Healthcare, he's afraid of cameras. Not kidding. So therefore, I have no pictures from Friday's "dusting" of snow.

We had been below freezing for several days on end. That doesn't happen here. I have been reminded that that's why I continue to live here. I don't know how people in states where this type of weather is an everyday thing stand it. I have been bored out of my mind.

Friday night we went to LaParilla with one of my favorite brothers-in-law, Ronnie, and his awesomely fun wife, Nan. We actually got there early enough to get the senior citizen early-bird special. If they had one. Which they don't. But they were all so ready to get out and go somewhere, so we took off and got there about 5:30. That's early for us. Or it used to be. Saturday night the same four of us, plus our friend Missy went to Longhorn for supper. We got there at 5:00. And much to our surprise, it was P-A-C-K-E-D! I think everyone in town was going out that night and they all wanted the senior citizen early-bird special. But Longhorn doesn't have one either, so we just had yummy appetizers and the best cheeseburger ever.

After we ate, we went back to Ronnie and Nan's to play cards. We played Spades and I played the worst game I have ever played. The only one to play worse than me was Nan.

I didn't go to church yesterday. My mom and I go as a tag team and when one or the other of us doesn't go, the other tends to stay home. Mom's having some problems with her foot, so we didn't go. I missed it. I know it was warm and cozy and I'm sure I missed a blessing by not going.

Suz and the kids came down early in the day. She and I went to the mall for just a snitch of retail therapy. The highlight of the day came at the MAC counter. I love that makeup. I'm addicted to it actually.

I read in one of the beauty blogs that you shouldn't wear mascara on your lower lashes when you're over 40, that it makes you look tired. So I tried that out yesterday. Hmmmm. I don't think it worked very well as I seem to be asleep sitting straight up.

If you know Suz and me, you know that we like to goof off with the camera. You know, try modeling poses and smiles and all that sort of stuff. Look at Ethan looking at her in this picture.

I'm pretty sure he thought we had lost it.
Alayna apparently doesn't want me to be a cover girl, because she kept getting in the background of my pictures making faces! This was one of her better ones.
Suz was teaching me how to hold your neck and your mouth and your tongue and your shoulders to pose for a picture so you wouldn't look like you have five chins. It's a lot of stuff to remember to do before having your picture made, but I think it works. I tried it and I only have two chins in this picture.

I played Trouble with these three characters.

It's kinda funny how games that you loved as a child just don't seem to spark that same excitement they did when you were a kid. And believe it or not, I came in dead last. In Trouble. That's sad.

So that's how my weekend went down. It was definitely a fun one and I was sad for it to end. The temps got into the 40s today. I think we're looking at 50s by the end of the week. I don't know about you, but I'm bringing out my flip flops. Hooray!
Till next time!


Theresa said...

OMG, I had to break out the tissues I laughed so hard. Not at the puzzle, poor Jeff and the camera, but honey when you got to the picture taking... that Alayna in the background with that face:) You are so funny with that bunch of chins. ONLY you see any extras but the pictures you made sure look good. I bet those lifestyle lift people only teach you to do what Suzanne taught you. I need to learn to smile without looking like a Jack#@$%! Love you and I got my flip-flops ready!

billypandnikkysmom said...

I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to keep slathering on my mascara ~ they'll have to chisel it off of me when I die! LOL!!!! Believe me; we do go CRAZY up here in the winter.....NOT FUN!!!! Enjoyed your picture taking lessons, I’ll be sure to remember them the next time I let someone take my picture!! Have a great night, ENJOY!

Cindy Lou said...

I just love your blog!!! You are so funny and I love to watch you and suz take pictures!! Alayna is so cute...I love her hat! Have a great day and enjoy the temp warm-up!! And yes we did miss you at church...Love you!!

suzanne said...

Ha! That picture of Alayna was so funny it was almost scary! All those younguns were a mess last night for sure.
My tricks really worked; those were good pictures of you!!
P.S. Eli needs a haircut.
Love you :0)

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Kells! What a great post! Austin, Alex and I LOVE puzzles. I got one from Mom for Christmas with around a thousand pieces and we are gonna get it out this week sometime. I think we will put it together on the dining room table, since you can not just move it if you are not finished. I laughed so hard at you and suz posing. I remember when we all did that at the Blue Willow for lunch. Too funny. The kids are funny mocking you guys in the picture. Hope Aunt June's foot feels better. Have a great day.

Nana said...

I swear I am getting so I hate the cold weather!!

The air hear is the dirtiest in the nation. It is about 14 degrees outside. Why am I hear?

Papa love love loves, to ski. I don't because I don't ski I fall.

At least the air is clean in the mountains.

Sounds like you are having fun w/ the fam. I will try to pose for my next picture. Maybe I will be able to get it down to 3 chins.

wendy said...

When I get together with my kids...we like to do puzzles too. It is like you need a whole new "station" area to set up the puzzle and not let it get disturbed.
We have been having great weather for here. In the low 40's and lots of sunshine. Love it.
WHAT --don't wear mascara on your lower lashes after 40. I don't know it I would like that on me. You and me both being blondes, I'd feel kinda "washed out".
Maybe I'll just go "lighter" on the lower lashes.
and yes, I love MAC cosmetics too, both me and my daughter Emma wear Mac