Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nicholas, Miley, Alayna and Me

Yesterday was a day that I had been looking forward to oh, since about June of last year when Miley and the shooting of The Last Song on Tybee was interfering with my vacation. The movie came out yesterday and I. COULD. NOT. WAIT.

I had read the book and loved it. Nicholas Sparks knows how to strike me right in the heart. side. For a sweet love story, to me, nobody does it better than he. I shared the book with Alayna because she is a Miley/Hannah Montana fan. She also loved it.

Since yesterday was the opening day, I had planned on taking her to see it. For about 107 minutes, we were on Tybee with Miley, Liam, her dad (not Billy Ray, her movie dad) and her absolutely delightful little brother.

We were not disappointed. In fact, quite the contrary. I am now one of Miley's biggest fans. I thought she was so good. It was as if Nicholas Sparks had written the role of "Ronnie" just for her.

When Jeff and I were on Tybee in February, I made this picture of the church they constructed for use in the movie. It was so much fun to see the very same church on the big screen.

This huge light was used for the night scenes on the beach and pier. I got this picture last summer when we were there on vacation. The scenes in the movie came out beautifully.

Seeing my beloved Tybee on the movie screen was so, so neat. To share that movie and book with my favorite niece was priceless. The movie brought us both to tears. We shared the same hanky. For as long as I have my wits, I'll remember seeing that very special movie with a very special young lady. I will see it again. And again. And again. It ranks right up there with The Notebook as my favorite movies. I can't wait to see it with Jeff. Although he doesn't get into romantic movies, I think he'll enjoy seeing Tybee in its glory.
Before the movie, though, Suz and I hit the Mall of Georgia for a little Easter shopping. She needed to get Easter outfits for all of her kids. I needed to pick up Cam a few things for his upcoming Spring Break trip to Panama City. (Can you see how green I am that he is going to the beach and I AM NOT????) He's going to be gone for EIGHT glorious days. Lucky, lucky boy.
We got some of the things that we wanted to get, but really we had too much to shop for to get it done in an afternoon. She'll definitely have to go back. And me -- well, let's just say that I do too. Everything I bought Cam wasn't quite right, despite the fact that I had sent him pictures of the clothes before I bought them. It wasn't his fault really. I just didn't think that they were young enough for him. They looked more like something an old man trying to look young might wear. Not quite right. So I'll be back out again today. This time I'm going straight for the gusto; the Polo store at Tanger. For Cam, it never disappoints.
After the movie, I got to watch Reid play ball.
He had been in a bit of a batting slump, but he got a nice hit while I was there. Got me some good kisses from Eli and it was the ending to a perfect day.
Another glorious day here in Georgia. So much to do. Till next time...



I can't wait to see it. I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan...the Notebook being my all time favorite. I am jealous you got to shop at the Mall of Georgia. Love that place...and Tybee too. I guess I should live in your neck of the woods. When we go to those places it is definitely something we have to plan. Thanks for sharing the review of the movie. I'll let you know what I think when I see it this weekend.

Theresa said...

Oh my, I want to see the movie too! Sounds like a fun time for you and Alayna. I love going to movies with the kids. I spend a lot of time looking at them while they are watching the movie:) It's the little things that I enjoy so much!

Now, I also went shopping yesterday. I always buy for the grandkids and Cindylou's younguns. I had a successful trip and only need to shop a little more for Easter basket stuff.

I didn't skate last night, in answer to your comment on my blog! I had only planned on staying a few minutes but it was so much fun. Mrs. B was awesome. I asked her if she remembered me and she said "of course, I do... how could I ever forget you"! Sweet lady. Next time I WILL skate!

Gotta run and get my Easter Egg huntin shoes on. I will be going to Tybee in a few weeks. Some of my blog friends are going to be there and I am surprising them with a visit. I can hardly wait. Shhhhhh, don't tell them.

Love you bunches and hope you have a marvelous day!

suzanne said...

Thank you so much for taking her! She was so chatty about it and loved it, too. And what a handsome photo of my big boy. Glad you got to come up year yesterday (of course). Now, if we could just stretch out shopping time out by about five house, then maybe I would've gotten all I needed done. Sigh...
love ya!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Well, it look slike you had a good time. Isn't it nice when a movie doesnt' stray from the book??? I've never been to Tybee, we were going to go this spring but with Nikky getting married this fall we decided to put it off until next year...Have a great night!!!

wendy said...

Well, I have never really been a Miley fan, but will have to check out that movie. I am basically a fan of Nicholas Sparks.
How fun that you got to see that with your neice.

It is hard to buy cloths for your kids when they get much pickier then when they were young.

Becky said...

I just got back from spring break at Tybee. I haven't been to see the movie yet but I will. We were there during the filming too. I can't wait to see it.

Nana said...

I am so glad to hear you liked them movie. I have been debating whether or not to go see it.