Monday, April 19, 2010

A Weekend for the Young

Cam's junior prom is now in my life's history book. It was a very busy day. We had quite a bit of yardwork to finish up, including getting the grass cut.

While Jeff was finishing up some things that I don't like to do, such as spreading pinestraw, I rode the lawnmower. I don't have much experience driving a lawnmower. As it turns out, there is a very good reason for that.

My dad taught -- or tried to -- me how to ride the lawnmower. The one and only time he let me cut the grass I ran over a freshly planted tree in their front yard. The one and only time Jeff let me ride the lawnmower, I knocked over our mailbox and got the mower stuck in the ditch. And that's all I have to say about that.

My boy looked incredibly handsome.

We probably made over 200 pictures. I like to make lots to be sure to get some really good ones. I think I got 200 good ones. Ross had been working Saturday and didn't have a chance to clean up before the pictures. It's okay, though, because I think he looks right handsome anytime. It makes my heart truly smile at how close my two boys are. From the two little boys fighting and knocking dents in my wall to this.

My mom and pop came over to see him. I love the way my dad's arm is around Cam's shoulder.

My sweet sis and BFF, Suz, also came down to see him and to make pictures for me. Ethan was playing in a baseball tournament, so Crystal couldn't come, but we were sending her pics with our phone.

It's so hard to get a picture of a group. If it's good of one, it's bad of another. Here is Jeff and me with our baby boy.

I promise y'all, we are the parents of these boys. I know it looks like I had a big, hairy milkman that is their dad, but nope. They're Jeff's.

Cam doesn't have a girlfriend, but took a friend of his best friend's girlfriend. They all hang out sometimes. I thought she looked very pretty. Love the smiles on their faces in this picture.

The group of four. Sharp looking, aren't they. Don't you wish you were young again?

Cam and Drew looking very modelish.

We surprised the kids with a limo. Well, Cam knew, but the other three didn't. They were excited and I think they really enjoyed it. Thanks to a friend that I work with who owns the limo, we got to use it at a very good price.

By the time we were done making the pics, I think Cam was ready to get going. I was so glad the weather was beautiful. Not humid and hot. If it had been, I probably wouldn't have gotten a single good picture of him. He tends to be uncooperative when he's hot and sweaty.

For some reason, all our neighbors' dogs came over for the event. I think they thought it was a party for dogs. We brought Bandit out, because after all, the party was at her house.

And there they go. It was so nice to know that they weren't driving through downtown Atlanta. It was totally worth the cost of the limo.

They all had a good time and Cam chose not to go to the after prom party, so he was home by 1 o'clock. He said he had to get to sleep because he was going out on the boat with Ross Sunday.

It was definitely a weekend to be young.

Till next time.


Theresa said...

Oh have mercy, handsome just isn't enough! He has grown up right before our eyes! I just think he is precious, if that's OK to say that about a young man:) I just love all of the pictures, especially the one of him with Pawpaw and Mimi! Thanks for sharing, great looking ride and they all look like models to me! Have a blessed day, love you!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Ohh Kelly! He looked so very handsome! Wow, he has lost weight. He looked great. What a nice group they were and I am sure he had a blast. Have a great Monday (what is left of it)!


Wow...Cam was a knock out. I don't know how you keep the girls off him. His girl friend/date...was a dead ringer for Lyndsy Lohan(excuse the spelling). I know you enjoyed this....and are glad it is over too.

billypandnikkysmom said...

Wow, what a handsome fella!!!!! He looked fantastic, I loved the picture of the two brothers, made me smile!! YOu look pretty too, I love your hair!!! Glad he had a good time! Thanks for sharing!

suzanne said...

Awesome pics! He looked even more handsome in real life... I totally LOL'd about the lawnmower incident(s). Sounds like me in my life, too.
I am very glad I got to come and see all of them; made me remember those high-school days when you think you know it all but you really know nothing! HA!!!

Joyce said...

I loved the pictures... especially the first one of him and the one of them in the limo. Very professional! He was extremely handsome and matched his dates dress so well! He will always remember this night. ;D

wendy said...

I absolutely loved those photos. They looked great. What a great looking bunch of kids eh. He did indeed look very handsome. The tux was perfect. I didn't get to do anything like that when I was in high school.
I dropped out of HS when 17. (long story)