Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes A Girl's Gotta Have It

Junk food. Yeah, you know the kind. There is little or no nutritional value to it. The taste is oh, my goodness good. One way of determining if the junk food you consumed was really good junk
is by the amount of guilt you feel after you've eaten it.

My supper last night.
Taco Bell nachos. Oh, yeah. And let me just tell ya, they did not disappoint. Admittedly, the only good thing for me in the container was the tomatoes. They must have been better for me than I thought, because I did not feel a snitch of guilt. None. Nada. But sadly, I also admit that within an hour or two I was starving. You would think that at least the beans and tomatoes would have stuck with me for a little longer than that.

Do you ever have a time when you feel like you just gotta have some junk? Most of the time it's something sweet for me. Like cake or donuts or pies. Or honey buns. Those are my absolute favorite junk food. The last honey bun I bought I ate only about two bites and threw the rest of it out the window. (not the wrapper, mind you, just the awful/delicious honey bun)

Got a busy day today. Working at noon and then I'm meeting Cam to try his tux on. He is still losing weight and I'm really hoping it will fit. I absolutely cannot wait to see him all dressed up. So exciting. The funny thing is where they're having dinner before the prom. The Varsity. If you're not from Atlanta, Google The Varsity and you'll see why it is so funny. It's all right with me since it'll save me oh, about $80.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. I wasn't expecting to be missed.

Till next time...


Theresa said...

Oh I love me some Taco Bell:) I had Mexican last night and it was yummy! I call it a reward when you work so hard dieting and working out! Enjoy your day my sweet Kelly! Love you!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

They are eating at the VARSITY with their prom clothes on??? WOW, they better hang on to those fries. If one lands, it will leave a mark for sure! ..and on the junk food note, I can not have doritos around me...or any chocolate. I tell Cindy to get chips-not doritos on the grocery list because I can eat the whole bag! You have done very well so let yourself go every now and then! Have a great day!

Cindy Lou said...

Yummy!! I love mexican food!! I am also a bad junk eater but these days trying the healthy route!! I had much rather have the junk food!! I have made several cakes in the past few days and well I hav enot even had a piece because I know if I have one I will want more!! Have a great day and stay safe on your journey! Love you lots!!

suzanne said...

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the devil disguised in chocolate glaze and sprinkles and fried in fat!!!
I'm certain of it. I tried so hard to avoid eating one yesterday for Eli's birthday... then Jason walked in and scarfed down two and I said the heck with it, give me one. And it was goo-goo--good and worth every bite.
Love you and have a great day :0) said...

Ah much fun!!!!

Junk food.........dang that stuff. I love fries. I love salt and vinegar potatoe chips.
and oh yeah, nachos are the bomb

I usually feel guilty after eating it too cause I know the damage it is doing to me. I crave the salty stuff over sweets.

Now, I better go run a few laps.

wendy said...

comment above..ME


Loved this post. I loved the fact that the Varsity is where they are going for dinner on prom night. That is awesome. I have missed you madly and glad you posted today...on my birthday...made my day!

billypandnikkysmom said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! I love SALTY SALTY CHIPS ~ OMG!!!!! Yup, I too feel guilty after stuffing my fat little face full of womderful chips!!!! Can't wait to see Cam in his tux, he'll be handsome I'm sure!!!! Have a great night!