Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Monday

You rarely see Good and Monday used together in a sentence. But because of the bad weather last week, I hadn't seen Suz and her family for two weeks!!!!!!! That's a record, and it's one I don't want to break. That was too long.

I gave my mom a break and Jeff and I cooked Sunday night. Suz and her family weren't able to make it due to a church event. Joseph and Ethan were at their dad's, so they couldn't come either. We had a small crowd. We invited Ed and Jean, too. I know that they were glad to get out of the house for a while.

Jeff grilled his awesome chicken. I made baked potatoes in the oven. Aren't they so much better that way? I threw together a salad and Crystal brought green beans. I made Butterfinger Cake for dessert.

Since Suz didn't get to come Sunday, they came yesterday. What a fun way to spend an otherwise dreary Monday.

I spent time with my favorite six-almost-seven-year-old!

We played Mr. Potato Head until the poor tater was exhausted. Then we played Jenga. Fun game until your creation is knocked over. Eli is an outdoorsy kinda kid, so being stuck inside isn't his thing. We made the best of it and actually had fun. There is something a little relaxing about playing a child's game when you're an adult.

We ended the day at Waffle House, which isn't my favorite place to eat in the world, but it's close, convenient and who doesn't love a good waffle? My mom and dad went, too, and Cam rocked the Waffle House jukebox. I sat with Alayna alone at a table and I really enjoyed spending one-on-one time with her. She's such a sweetie.

All in all, it was a good Monday. A very good Monday.
Till next time...



it does sound like you had a Good Monday. I was off...but attended a funeral and went to visit someone in the hospital. Last night though...we did sip and strokes and THAT was awesome. I will be posting the picture on Saturday for my 365 project.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a GREAT Monday to me! I love playing little kid games, Jumping Monkeys is one of our favorites:) Glad Suzanne and family got to come for a visit! Eli is sure a precious little fella! Enjoy your Tuesday... at least what's left of it! Love you, Auntie T

suzanne said...

Correction... Monday and good NEVER go hand in hand. But yesterday was great, didn't feel at all like a Monday. Which means of course today felt like Monday instead.
Love you!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Well, that sounded like a fantastic Monday! Glad you enjoyed your day!

Cindy Lou said...

That sounds like the best kinda day to spend...WITH FAMILY!! Glad you got some special time...Love you bunches!