Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow in the South????

Seriously? The weathermen around town are pushing up their sleeves for lots of radar reading. They are wearing their sweater vests. They are getting ready.

When the weathermen start taking those actions, it's time for us to react. So today that's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to the grocery store. Although, I have enough canned goods to sustain life for my family for at least a month, but I don't think blackeyed peas or tuna would be very appealing during a snow or ice storm. So I will buy milk. Why, I'm not exactly sure, unless it's for snow ice cream or cereal. Speaking of snow ice cream, how do y'all make it? My daddy and mama used to make it when we were little and it was the BEST. When I try to make it, it tastes more like milky vanilla. I'd really like to ace the snow ice cream this time around.

I will buy bread. Just because everyone else is and I never like to be left out. Eggs? Yep, I'll pick up a dozen of those, too. Why? I haven't used eggs since I made my Christmas morning breakfast casserole. Again, I don't want to left out. Get the chili ingredients. Make sure I have plenty of hot chocolate. I've got plenty of homemade vegetable soup that I made during the summer and froze.

I will check my flashlights. There's nothing worse than being caught with no power and all of your flashlights are either, a. dead or b. broken.

I will round up all my candles and my old-fashioned oil lamps. Slick up the sled. Gather up firewood. (That one's actually on Jeff's To Do List). Get out our ski clothes. I'm sure Ross & Cam's will not fit anymore, but maybe they can tie their suits around them much as Randy's mom did in A Christmas Story.

I should go to the hardware store and get some rock salt. But from what I've been seeing on TV, there may not be any to be found. Good thing I've got a couple boxes of ice cream salt hanging around. I can at least salt our porch steps that I have fallen down when they were completely dry.

Charge the camera batteries. Make sure there is plenty of room on the SD card.

I have a book. I might need a couple of magazines in case I'm too distracted to dive into my book.

Lastly, rugs, rugs and more rugs. Taking off slushy, wet shoes before coming inside is something everyone, except me, never remembers to do. So I will put multiple throw rugs all around.

I know in other parts of the country, a few inches of ice and snow are routine. Here in the south, honey, it's like a second Christmas. We're very excited.

So what do y'all do to prepare for snow or ice? Let me know, because like I said, I don't like to be left out. Or caught with my pants down. Especially in the middle of a snow storm.

Till next time...


Theresa said...

We worked on getting ourselves ready last night! Wood loaded in the fireplace and more in the garage, freshest bread that I have ever squished in the store, chili fixins, chicken noodle soup, kerosene lanterns out ready to be filled, batteries mucho, loads of candles, magazines, books and salt. I will be ready, snow is good... ice is yuck! Your Dad and I talked yesterday about what to do if the power goes out:) He is so smart! Love you bunches and it sure looks like we are going to get it Sunday night! Enjoy your Saturday:)

Cindy Lou said...

Everything is ready for the big snow storm 2011 here at the Simmons house! Got stuff to make some dumplins and gonna make a cake and got oil for my lamps and flashlights are ready and I have the stuff to make snow ice cream...Barbara said all I need is some milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring and I have all that!! I am so excited...I sure hope it comes like they say it is!!

Enjoy our day...Love you bunches!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Stay safe, stay warm & get that milk & bread ~ LOL!!!

Enjoy the snow.

Joyce said...

I'm excited for you all! They are talking snow coming this way too. I'm not as excited. It's pretty but I don't want to lose power! Have a great time and be careful!!!!
P.S. All I do is make sure I have enough food! That is all I care about. lol

suzanne said...

Well, I thought I was good and prepared... then I read this!! Now I'm sending Jason out for more batteries for my 30 flashlights that I won't be able to find, magazines and a book so my family won't be too bad on my nerves if we're cooped up, and some de-icer for my long driveway so I can get away from it all!!! HAAHAHAH, just kinda joking.
Love you :0)

Skyy said...

I am going to get some food on the way home from work tonight that can be eaten both cold and hot. I have board games for the kiddos at home in case of lack of power. I have books for myself. We have a gas fireplace that we can resort to using should we need hot dogs or smore's. I too will have a camera ready. Bring on the snow!!!


Went to the store myself and restocked some canned goods...I had black eyed peas and tuna as well. Bought milk....and as for milk ice cream. I have made it...and in varying flavors...simply by gathering a big bowl of the fluffy stuff, adding about a cup of sugar and enough milk to make it creamy (about 3/4 of a cup...and a TB of vanilla. You may have to add more sugar or milk to taste. Good luck. We have called church for Sunday night...but will have it in the morning. Now I am waiting to see if they call school.