Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jean

Last night we celebrated Jean's birthday at Longhorn in Conyers. We had a good time and I think she enjoyed herself. I felt kind of bad because I meant to order her a cookie cake and I forgot. Longhorn gave her a birthday ice cream, which was good because she loves ice cream.

Sweet, wonderful in-laws.

I guess when you turn 84 there really isn't much you need in the way of gifts. So all she wanted was scratch off lottery tickets. That's what we got her. Well, that and a box of Turtles. Turtles are good at any age. She called us after she had scratched off her tickets and she won $45 off the tickets we gave her.

The boys went along. They would never miss their MeeMaw's birthday party. And they would certainly never miss an opportunity for a nice steak dinner.

They seem to have digressed back to the ages of 8 and 4 because they never want to smile or be serious for a picture anymore.

They end up looking like they need to be admitted to a psych ward.
Unless I talk to them in my meanest voice and grit my teeth. Then I might get lucky and get a decent picture of the two of them.
This is my SWEET little great niece, Kendal. I highlight sweet because she told Mee-Maw happy birthday before anyone else did. Other than Alayna, she's the only other little girl I have to dote on.
When they brought Mee-Maw's birthday dessert out, Kendal wanted a bite of it. She took her little bite. Then two. Then she was very thoughtful to pass Mee-Maw the dessert back.
I just thought that was so sweet. That's her mom, Kristi, with the pretty smile. And Kendal's brother, Drew, in Kristi's lap.
I had the most delicious chopped steak. It had a mushroom wine sauce and was covered with fried onion strings. I rarely eat fried food of any kind, so by the time we got home those onions were killing me. I drank half a bottle (no lie) of Pepto to get relief from those dang onions. Note to self: no chop steak at Longhorn. Stick to just the meat and potatoes.
Anyway, another birthday dinner for Jean has come and gone. She's having a little surgery this week for carpal tunnel, so say a little prayer that all goes well with it. She's a little anxious about it, and it doesn't help that it's scheduled for tomorrow morning when we're supposed to be having this wintry weather.
Speaking of which, does anyone else feel like they're waiting for a baby to come? It's making me so darned anxious that I'm not watching anymore weather forecasts. If it comes, I'm ready. If it doesn't, then I guess it'll just be like any regular old Monday.
But I sure hope it comes. I need to try out my new cookware that I got for Christmas. Sometimes it takes a snow storm to make me cook.
Till next time lovelies, enjoy your day.


Theresa said...

Oh I just love Ed and Jean! Two of the nicest people I know! Happy Birthday to Jean! Looks like you all had a great time and I was enjoying your meal until the Pepto:)

That is one cutiepie! I loved her little pose! Your boys are sooooo handsome! They are so funny but the picture of them acting normal is GREAT!

Love you bunches, the snow is truly coming! GWA canceled school tomorrow so it must be serious:) HUGS!

Joyce said...

I will pray for Jean! Great pics... you have such handsome sons.... looks like they have alot of personality like you! Good looks and humor... going to be good catches for some very special girls one day! You did good, girlfriend! xoxo
Hope you get your snow!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Great pictures, looks like everyone had a great time!

Your sons are so handsome!

Hope you get just enough snow, enjoy your cookware!


What a special post about a special lady. How wonderful to have logged in 84 years and to win 45.00 on Lottery tickets. Your family all looks so happy as they celebrate. I too felt like I was waiting for a baby. I even went ahead and did my Monday post...while I had power. We are an all electric house so I had prayed all day that God would leave our power on and it is still there. Cook away today and enjoy it.